Nikolai Adam Charles John-Sanderson & NovaRae Vaneayah John-Sanderson

Nikolai Adam Charles John-Sanderson, born Feb. 28, 2017, and NovaRae Vaneayah John-Sanderson, born June 3, 2020, passed away together on Dec. 30, 2023, in their hometown of Evanston.

Expressing in print the feeling of love and pure wonder these children were is impossible. In their short time, things that are most memorable and easy to share include their ability to find joy in life that only children could, and courage to face adventure in the world. They were never afraid to challenge the day and share their enthusiasm for each day with those around them though, most importantly, always each other.

Nikolai had a light so bright, kind and wholesome. His vibrant soul, his “never-2-forget-me” hugs and absolute passion to share his voice will be remembered in our hearts. He was never afraid to share his contagious smiles and to run in the mud, as any little boy should do. He had a brave and joyful soul — and he was his daddy’s little buddy in all things. Niko was a protector, and would always watch over those around him, and guide those who needed help.

NovaRae quickly inherited the wonderfully contagious smiles and bright, loving personality. She would brighten anybody’s day with the warmth she shared from her soul. As any girl should be, she had the perfect amount of spunk and sass — notably similar to the attitude of her mother — though most often she was referred to as a little darling. Nova was innocent in the sense that she was full of wonder for the world through the eyes only a child could have, truly loving everything and everyone wholeheartedly.

Both children are survived by their mother, Victoria John of Evanston; father, Nickolas Sanderson of Evanston; brother, Ezra John; grandparents; aunts; uncles; cousins; and many, many more who loved them.

These babies were loved beyond measure and are missed immensely.

The family will not be holding a public viewing or services at the cemetery in Evanston, though a public memorial is planned to be held at 2 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 5, in the gymnasium of the LDS Stake Center on Cheyenne Drive in Evanston.

We ask that those in the community who have been so wonderful in support for the family and friends to please know you are invited, and we hope you are comfortable with joining us during this time of remembrance.