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Legislature roundup — Week 5 Feb. 8

The Wyoming Legislature moves past the halfway point this week and a number of bills have not made the cut. The supplemental budget was the focus last week for both the House and the Senate. With the large budget surplus there were some opportunities to restore cuts and enhance mental health, social services, education and job training. The Senate also added $1 billion dollars to permanent savings.

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Legislature roundup — Week 5 Feb. 8

Greetings and a whirlwind of activity this week with the reception of Senate bills to consider in House. I carried to the Floor and debated multiple times on merits of “HB/SF0078 Apprenticeship and job training promotion in schools.” There was an attempt to remove ‘registered’ within the sentence.

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Annual Ski Day and Citizen Race

The Bear River Outdoor Recreation Alliance (B.R.O.R.A.) hosted a ski day at the Purple Sage Nordic Center on the morning of Jan. 21. Ski gear was available free of charge.

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Wyo Legislature Roundup — Week 4 – Feb. 3

Cheyenne – The fourth week of the 2020 Budget Session came to a close this week. Today, the Wyoming House of Representatives will finish debate on HB0001 also known as the supplemental budget bill. We are focused on determining how the Legislature should allocate a nearly $2 billion budget surplus. Much of this is a one-time windfall, which owes to improved revenues from oil and gas production, smart investments, and federal stimulus spending. I am focused on saving, investing and meeting the needs of Wyoming citizens. Balancing fiscal prudence with strategic investments is a challenging balance to strike-- but the work so far is leading us in that direction.

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Wyo Legislature Roundup — Week 4 – Feb. 3

Cheyenne – I would like to first begin with an update on where property tax legislation is at. At last count there are 20 property tax bills on file. The above list includes Senate bills as well. We have only heard two at this point that have been sent to the Senate. We just finished up with the Supplemental Budget last night and we will be back on bills this week. We must find relief on this critical issue, and I intend to support these efforts for our citizens.

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Project developers reveal plans at Kemmerer/Diamondville meeting

Hundreds of Lincoln County residents, county and city officials and guests from surrounding counties gathered at the Lincoln County Training and Events Center to hear from developers of specific projects happening in the county. At a three and a half hour meeting on Thursday, Oct. 6, attendees received a boxed supper during a meet and greet and then listened to presentations given by executives of five companies: Williams Resources; RAIN FIRE/Canyon Road Holdings; TriSight, LLC; TerraPower/Natrium Reactor Demonstration Project; and Bechtel — Engineering, Construction & Project Management.

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