Uinta County lucky to have Kopp


I live on the other side of the world from Evanston now but for voting purposes, I’m registered there. From time to time I include the Herald in my reading. Recently it was brought to my attention that Andy Kopp was elected as Uinta County Sheriff.

Had I still lived there, I would have campaigned for him. You guys couldn’t be luckier than to have him as your sheriff.

I’ve known Andy and his entire family for more than 20 years. I have been his neighbor on Sage Street, worked with him on legal cases where law enforcement and mental health services crossed paths, and known him as a friend.

From the onset of meeting him, I discovered an intelligent and focused young man who invested much energy into understanding fully what others were thinking and saying to him. I also discovered that he is not so much interested in titles as much as what that title allows him to accomplish for those he represents.

He is not your typical, power hungry, used car salesman politician. He really cares. Support him and give him a chance.

Ed Lyles

Jaca, Spain