Resident talks tax reform with Barrasso


When Sen. John Barrasso had a town hall via telephone, I made a connection with a lady who wanted to know what I wanted to share.

I suggested that a two-cent tax be put on the stock market to pay off the national debt. Then we would not have to worry about a debt ceiling. We pay a five-cent tax to support Wyoming’s needs. We need solutions and actions!

Our servicemen and women put their lives on the line for their country. Can’t the affluent afford a few cents on the dollar for it?

God gave us free will. In 87 years of living, I have noticed that when we choose to do the right thing, happiness is limitless.

(Editor’s note: This letter was sent to Sen. Barrasso, and he replied to the author, saying he will keep her thoughts on tax reform in mind.)

Lila E. Mohler