Red Devils soccer traveled to Jackson

The Lady Red Devils took the field against Jackson last Friday and started out well. Their defense was doing a good job against a couple of standout Jackson players. The play of Ajahonna Archuleta was paying off as she continued to strategically place herself between Jackson players and their goal.

Jackson controlled the field during the first part of the first half with Evanston rarely getting across mid-field. Late in the first half, Jackson picked up their offense and their shooting became much more aggressive. Red Devils goal keeper Caitlin Cottrell did a good job and kept Jackson at bay but, eventually, mistakes were going to be made against the aggressiveness of Jackson. 

Jackson’s Rachyl Fairbanks controlled the ball downfield, Archuleta made a long run to get in position to make the stop but Fairbanks cut back, and made a quick goal right past goal keeper Cottrell putting Jackson ahead 1-0.

In the last few minutes of the first half, Hailey Hardeman made the most of an opportunity with a direct kick she received due to a foul and skimmed the ball along the ground, past Red Devil defenders and just out of reach of Cottrell to give Jackson as second score of the game. The first half ended with Jackson leading 2-0.

As the second half began snow started to fall, adding to an already chilly day.

With less than 15 minutes to play in the second half, the Lady Red Devils had the opportunity for a direct kick but failed to score when the Broncos closed quickly and cleared the ball. There was another foul by the aggressive Broncos and Evanston had a second chance. The second direct kick failed and the Lady Red Devils missed their second chance.

Jackson continued to play tough and control the ball. With just a couple of minutes left in the game, Jackson scored for the third time.

The game ended 3-0 in Jackson’s favor and the Lady Red Devils remain winless in conference play midway through the soccer season. The Lady Red Devils will face Kelly Walsh at home on Friday.

Boy’s soccer wins big

The snow cleared momentarily at the beginning of the first half for the Red Devils as they faced the Jackson Broncos. Jackson and Evanston were doing great work defensively but the Red Devils appeared to be playing slightly more aggressively. Their continued attack paid off with 17:05 in the first half when Jess Richins passed the ball to Brock Rigby who had a break away and scored for Evanston, giving them a 1-0 lead.

Both teams continued aggressive play throughout the rest of the first half but were unable to put the ball in the net and the half ended 1-0.

The second half opened with the snow falling hard.

Rigby was tripped and Evanston got a free kick. The ball went past the defenders and ended up being kicked in by Brock Rigby for his second score in the game, assisted by Jess Richins, again.

The Red Devils had an opportunity to score again with a direct kick but it was effectively blocked by Jackson’s goalie.

With only 2:26 left in the second half, Nick Kunz hit a long, high ball from 40 yards out that skimmed over the head of Jackson’s goalie to make the score 3-0 in favor of Evanston.

This was the Red Devils’ first conference win. Jackson is playing their first season since they stepped up from the 3A.

Evanston will play again Friday at home.

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