Outlaws beat Green River, 12-9

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The Evanston Outlaws had a busy weekend, starting on Friday in Evanston when the Outlaws faced the Green River Knights. It was a high scoring game with the Outlaws drawing down on the Knights and jousting them out of their saddles.

Green River had plenty of opportunities in the first inning but due to some great defensive play by the Outlaws, the Knights only scored one run, even though they had the bases loaded.

The Outlaws went into the bottom of the second inning with the Knights leading 2-1. Chandler Anderson kicked things off for Evanston with a lead-off double. A few minutes later, Braeden MacDonald hit one down the third baseline, bringing MacDonald in with an RBI. 

Brandon Wicks was walked and then Hunter Hicks hit one that bounced off the fence for an infield double that scored two more runs for the Outlaws. When the second inning was compeleted, the Outlaws were leading 5-1.

The Knights tied the score in the fourth inning. Androw Munoz hit an RBI, which allowed Blake Gelinas to score and then later in the top of the inning Tommy Kelly scored after a wild pitch from Beau Lloyd provided the opportunity to race for home. 

With the game tied 5-5, Outlaw Braeden MacDonald stepped up to bat but his fly ball was caught, then Brandon Wicks smacked one down the third base line. The third baseman misjudged the distance and the ball bounced over his head. Wicks took advantage of the situation and was able to make it a double.

Griffen Mitchell was walked. Hunter Hicks hit a deep one to right field that hit the wall. Wicks and Mitchell scored and the Outlaws pulled ahead 7-5. 

The Knights mounted a comeback in the fifth inning. Brandon Wicks had his first opportunity to pitch for the Outlaws but it didn’t go very well. Ian Ebert had a base hit to start the inning followed by Ramsay Taliaferro who hit the ball down the third baseline. After one out, Gabe Bunderman stepped up to the plate for an infield single that brought Ebert home.

Andrew Munoz hit a Wicks pitch to left field for a double that advanced Bunderman to third base. 

Tommy Kelly hit one down the third baseline that gave Bunderman and Munoz scoring runs. 

The Outlaws brought in Braeden MacDonald to replace Wicks on the mound and he was able retire two players.

Evanston fired right back in the bottom of the fifth inning starting with Cris Periman hitting a single and then Brendon Thompson hit a ball towards the Knights’ short stop, Kelly, who committed an error putting both Thompson and Periman in scoring position. Braeden MacDonald knocked the stitches loose on the ball when he smacked one over the fence. With those three runs the Outlaws jumped back into the lead 10-9.

Evanston did a great job fending off Green River in the top of the sixth inning and in the bottom of the sixth, Seth Lloyd stepped up and had a base hit. His brother Beau hit a fly that was caught by Green River then Cris Periman hit a single. Chandler Anderson was next  to bat. That gave Periman the opportunity to steal second base. Anderson had been having a great afternoon and his patience was benefiting him Friday. He found the right pitch and hit a two RBI single that brought both Seth Lloyd and Periman home and the sixth inning ended with the Outlaws leading 12-9. 

The scheduled seven inning game ended with the Outlaws winning their first game of the season 12-9

On Saturday, the Outlaws faced Riverton, losing that game 7-6 and then they played against the Jackson Giants and lost 3-2 in a non-conference game.

On Sunday they played the Rock Springs Sandpuppies and had a disappointing loss 10-5 in the non-conference game. The Outlaws also faced Green River and won a close one, 11-10.

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