Kopp is voted new top cop

PHOTO/Hayden Godfrey

After months of anticipation, the Uinta County Sheriff’s race has come to a close, with Republican primary forerunner Andy Kopp defeating Independent Rowdy Dean by a margin of 3,922 votes to 2,651.


In Evanston, incumbent Mayor Kent Williams defeated Tim Lynch, winning 1,711 votes to Lynch’s 1,449. Jen Hegeman narrowly took City Council Ward 1, defeating Mikal Welling 475-452. In Ward 2, Jesse Lind won against Tib Ottley 699-555. David Welling ran unopposed in Ward 3, winning 621 votes.


In Bear River, BJ Stokes and Clyde Kofoed won Council seats with respective vote totals of 111 and 98. Shane Hooton won the Lyman mayoral race with 392 votes to Allen Wyatt’s 287. Lyman elected Bronson Berg and Gregg Moretti to their Town Council with 376 and 373 votes, respectively. Kelly Bonner and Jamy Ferrin won respective vote totals of 275 and 260, claiming seats on the Mountain View Council.


Uinta County School District No. 1 Board incumbent Christa Barker-Weaver defeated Tamra Mander-Petersen 2,653-709, netting a two-year term. Jenny Welling, David Bennett, Caleb Guild, Jesse Lind and Janice Davis won four-year terms with respective vote counts of 2,059; 1,911; 1,887; 1,715 and 1,619.


Kelly Carpenter and Dale Madsen won the Uinta County School District No. 4 election with respective totals of 992 and 904. Spencer Eyre and Jason Lamberti took the Uinta County School District No. 6 election with respective vote counts of 696 and 473.


Wendy Schuler ran for Senate District 15 unopposed, gathering 5,242 votes. Scott Heiner defeated Dennis Laughlin in House District 18, votes totaling 429-63. Jon Conrad won District 19 against Dennis Laughlin with counts of 1,748-374. Ryan Berger defeated Tim Beppler in House District 49 with votes reaching 2,060-858.


Commissioners Mark Anderson and Eric South kept their seats with respective vote totals of 4,535 and 4,215. Greg Crandall was unopposed in the race for County Coroner, winning 5,924 votes. County Attorney Loretta Howieson-Kallas likewise ran unopposed, winning 5,014 votes.


County Clerk Amanda Hutchinson won 5,847 votes, County Treasurer Terry Brimhall won 5,794, County Assessor Lori Perkins earned 5,639 and District Court Clerk Kerri Wright gathered 5,727.


Voters will retain District Court Judge Joseph Bluemel, who earned 4,408 yes votes and 1,606 no votes. Circuit Court Judge John Prokos will also stay, with 4,413 yes votes to 1,242 no. Circuit Court Judge Craig Jones won 4,451 yes votes to 1,217 no.


Kelly Guild won the rural conservation district with 5,481 votes; Ty Lester won the urban district with 5,221 votes and Kevin Condos won the district at-large with 5,166 votes. Dana Stone won the rural fire district with 1,720 votes.


Constitutional Amendment A passed with 3,410 for and 2,643 against. Voters rejected Amendment B 3,930-2,434. Ballot Proposition 1 passed 2,640-1,363. Proposition 2 passed 2,535-666. Proposition 3 passed 241-204.


Harriet Hageman beat Lynnette GreyBull 5,118-987 for the office of US Representative. Governor Mark Gordon won his race with 5,223 votes against Theresa Livingston’s 754. Chuck Gray ran unopposed for Secretary of State, earning 5,585 votes. Kristi Racines, also unopposed, won 5,612 votes for State Auditor. Curt Meier won 5,645 votes for State Treasurer.


Megan Degenfelder beat Sergio Maldonado for Superintendent of Schools, their respective vote numbers at 5,202 and 1,050.


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