Homestead residents gather in the spirit of Christmas

Sandra Shaffer, Louise Troyer, Glenna Richins, Kate Coons and Lona Martinez all enjoy refreshments and visiting after decorating the lobby at the Homestead apartments. (HERALD PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt)

Residents at the Homestead Apartments for the elderly held a tree-decorating party in the lobby of their apartment building on Thursday, Dec. 1.  The group enjoyed refreshments and the time to visit. They decorated a tree and the lobby area for the holiday.

Longtime resident Glenna Richins usually picks the date for the gathering, and she and her daughter set up the tree and bring all of the decorations down from a storage room on the second floor.  When all of the residents who plan to attend are gathered, the decorating begins. 

On this occasion, with everyone helping, the tree was soon covered with ornaments and lights, wreaths were hung and Christmas decorations were placed all around the room.  When the work was finished, the group sat together to visit and enjoy the sweets and drinks that had been prepared.

It was a special time for the residents who attended, as too often doors to the individual apartments remain closed and residents rarely see each other except in passing on their way into or out of the building. As a result of the good time decorating and visiting, Richins suggested the group get together for a Christmas pot luck and everyone agreed to participate. A future date was set.

The lobby of the Homestead apartment building now comes alive each night with the lighted tree and a warm and cheery decorated lobby area.  Thanks to Glenna Richins who organizes the gathering every year, the decorated lobby is a gift to guests who come to visit and to the other residents who may not be able to have a Christmas tree in their own apartment.