Write in Fraughton for commissioner


My dad is 66 years old and has lived in Uinta County his entire life. He is a rancher and a small business owner. He and his wife, Debby, have been married for 45 years. He has two children: Corky Fraughton, who is a rancher and lives in Uinta County, and Farrah Spencer, who is a local attorney and lives in Park City, Utah.

Wendell was elected into office in August 2014. It was his first time holding public office, and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He is eager to jump back in as a county commissioner, and his past experience will benefit the county.

Wendell is running for election because he has the time and wants to be available to listen to citizens’ concerns and make decisions that are going to benefit the county as a whole. He was a member of the Wyoming State Board of Outfitters and Professional Guides from 2010-2018. As a board member, he was responsible for overseeing the hunting outfitting industry in Wyoming and enforcing applicable laws, rules and regulations related to the outfitting industry. He is a past-president of the Lion’s Club and has always been an avid supporter of the youth of Uinta County and is a regular buyer at the fair.

He will bring a commons sense approach to the resolution of the tough issues facing our county and will listen to all sides before making a decision. He is a firm believer of fiscal responsibility. As a rancher, he knows how to make do when times are lean. He can bring new insight and fresh ideas to the table.

My dad is not a career politician and has no agenda. His only goal, if elected as a commissioner is to do the right thing for all the citizens of the county.

• Hardworking

• Honest

• Common sense approach to issues

• No agenda

Please write in Wendell Fraughton’s name for county commissioner in the Nov. 3 general election.

Corky Fraughton

Mountain View


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