Williams: Why don’t Wyoming’s liberal ‘Republicans’ just find another party?


It’s election season in the Wyoming Republican Party and all across the state liberals, who for many years successfully exploited the Republican brand in order to get their left wing cronies elected to public office, are in a collective temper tantrum over the successful grassroots effort which has made great strides in returning the Party of Reagan to its conservative moorings.

Uinta County is not immune. A small group of people whom I will charitably call moderates under the leadership of Jon Conrad, Scott Dickerson and Jay Anderson, and undoubtedly encouraged by others in the background, (cough) Frontier ”Republicans” (cough) attempted to unseat the leadership in our county but were unsuccessful in large part because they have never been involved in the party in any way, shape or form and were therefore woefully  misinformed on the internal functioning of the party.

They recruited many to run for precinct seats not to represent the Republicans in those precincts but specifically to vote out the leaders who have been working for years to bring some semblance of integrity and accountability back to the party.

The issue in question was “do current officers get to vote?” The answer is yes. This fact was made abundantly clear to all concerned well before the election. They were provided with the relevant section of the bylaws as well as a statement from the state chairman, state party attorney and state parliamentarian, all of which supported the affirmative answer, never mind that no one currently serving in the party can remember ever conducting an election where officers couldn’t vote.

Regardless, they tried to change the rules at the last minute and, failing to do so, immediately following their defeat,  began accusing the officers of the party of doing exactly that. Since their defeat, they have petitioned the State GOP, the Secretary of State and the State Attorney General to intervene, all unsuccessfully due to the fact that they have no case. Still they fight on, spreading lies and false accusations through the media.

I’ve often wondered why liberal “Republicans” don’t just find a party more in line with their political philosophy. Could it be that the Democrats just have too high of standards and won’t accept them?

Lyle Williams

Bear River


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