The next (overpaid) county commissioner should finally challenge the status quo


I saw a campaign sign the other day stating that, if elected, the candidate would earn every penny of his $2455 monthly salary. I don’t know about my fellow citizens, but I believe that $2455 a month for working two days a month is a bit excessive (that’s $153.43 per hour). I know, I know, they do sometimes have special meetings and probably take a few calls. Even if they work 40 hours a month (and I believe that’s being generous) that’s still $61.37 an hour.

The commissioners also get county benefits. I don’t know any other jobs that give you benefits for fewer than 80 hours worked per month and usually you only get half benefits. I worked 40-hour weeks and never made that much a month, and my former coworkers — who are still working — don’t make that much a month.

I can only hope that if cuts need to be made because of declining tax revenue, that the commissioners will look at their own wages and some of the other “part-time” positions, and not just the low man on the totem pole.

Looking at campaign signs around town, there seems to be no shortage of candidates running for county commissioner. There is one woman and no Democratic candidates. I don’t see any reason for county commissioner to be a partisan position and believe it leads to a lack of diversity, discussion and inclusion. (I do, by the way, know that this is decided by the state legislature and not local government). Government works better if differing opinions are discussed and considered.

I do hope that those running for commissioner will have some possible actionable ideas for how to improve the economy and not just the usual “I’m going to bring in new jobs” or “we’re going to have to tighten our belts.” I want to know what kinds of jobs you are looking into, what kinds of cuts you would be willing to make. I want to know if you are just going to go along with the other commissioners or challenge the status quo.

We really need some new ideas; are you the person to present them? Have you read the job description for county commissioner? Have you attended a county commission meeting? I want to know if you are willing to publish your phone number and email address where it is easily accessible and answer questions or concerns in a timely manner. I’m really tired of the same old, same old “it’s time for Uinta County and Wyoming to diversify” and start looking forward instead of backward.

Colleen Kunz



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