Response to ‘The other side of the story’

I am a regular at Uinta Senior Center, eating breakfast, playing pool, staying for lunch and socializing. I know the staff well and see firsthand how busy they are. The kitchen staff sends out up to 120 meals a day to stay-at-home seniors in our community and provides lunch for between 15 and 30 in-house. They have, for several weeks, been running the kitchen with a staff of three, and on a few days, only two.

I had a casual conversation with Casey Davis one day at the center, and I commented to him about how shorthanded they were. He eluded to the fact that, because of a non-functioning board (not enough members), it was not possible to hire help. He told me that he was confident that there were enough people in place to provide service to the seniors, and that things were in motion to solve issues at the center. Nothing concrete was said about hiring more staff.

At that time, I decided to submit my application to become a board member, thinking that I could help the situation. Since that time there have been several competent and very highly-qualified people join the board of directors. I agree that there are many issues at long last being addressed and resolved.

There has been a lot of misinformation out there, as is usually the case when people are upset. Now is the time to put all this behind us, and help this new board resolve issues and run a better senior center, which is such an important institution and resource for the seniors in our community.


Dave St. Priest