Old business gets new home

EVANSTON — Independent Software Solutions has opened a storefront in Evanston. 

What began as a custom software development company in 2001 has evolved into a high tech, local business geared toward answering information technology (IT) questions for individuals and businesses throughout southwestern Wyoming and Northern Utah. 

Business owner Bryan Johnson, has been working as a software development professional for nearly two decades.

“I’ve been doing it long time” he said. He has written software programs for five counties, including Uinta County. 

He described the software that was built for Uinta County.

“If you go down to the county building to register your car, pay your property taxes or record a deed, then our software is handling that functionality,” he said. 

The business, which has never had a storefront, is expanding to meet the technological needs of the area. Johnson said he hopes to serve Evanston residents and businesses. 

“For everyday Evanston we’re doing PC repair, service, we will sell parts and new computers and have an inventory of everyday things that people will need for their computer systems and then be able to order for them anything that they need that we don’t stock on the shelves” said Johnson. 

The closure of PC Innovation got Johnson thinking about expanding to fill the area’s need for tech support. As someone who was born and raised in the area, Johnson and his team care about the success of local businesses.

He knows how tough it can be for area businesses to manage their technology when affording an in-house tech professional is out of the question. 

“We are filling a niche. People in Evanston can’t afford to have an IT guy, most of the businesses, but they need one… It’s just that simple,” said Johnson. 

Independent Software Solutions’ team of experts hopes to save local businesses a lot of the heartburn and stress that comes with operating systems that are relied on so heavily. 

“As a business service, our motto is, ‘Let us be your IT guy!’ We want to be proactive as an IT company so that we don’t get to points where you’ve lost data and stuff like that so that business can stay moving forward without things going bad.”

Currently the business’s team consists of three employees but Johnson says, “If things go well and we get into that business area where we’re doing IT support for the local businesses, we could easily add another three probably.” 

When asked what he hopes people know in these early days since the opening of his business, Johnson said with a heartfelt tone in his voice, “We’re looking to make everybody happy. We want everybody to succeed. ... I was born here and we want the town to grow and to thrive and we want to be a part that helps make that happen and we’re willing to do anything we need to to accomplish that.”