No need to travel for good cardiac care


I want to let all of your readers know about a wonderful discovery I made here in Evanston.

I no longer have to travel to Salt Lake City for a good cardiologist, and I do not have to wait for a visiting doctor from Utah. We have a phenomenal cardiologist with an office at Evanston Regional Hospital.

I recently needed some cardiac tests run, and someone who could read and explain them. I used to drive to Salt Lake City for the tests, and I had to spend almost the entire day.

Dr. Clyde Sullivan, a board-certified cardiologist, ran the tests, read them, and explained everything to me in detail. He was thorough, patient, kind, and was able to answer all of my questions, and he even discovered another problem I had and was able to find a solution. 

I am so impressed and so grateful that we have someone of his caliber right here in Evanston. I would recommend Dr. Sullivan to anyone who needs a good cardiologist. I am so relieved that I no longer have to drive to Utah for my yearly heart check-ups. 

Carol J. Bourland



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