Letter: Please do your research about company proposing to manage ICE detention center


I’ve been on the computer this morning researching current employment opportunities at facilities run by Management Training Company (MTC) around the country. I also wanted to see what, if any, comments I could find about working at these facilities. 

I did find lots of correctional officer positions but not paying $21 an hour, more like between $14 and $15 an hour. That still isn’t too bad for our area; however, I also read lots of comments about forced overtime. From what I read, overtime was the reason most people left these positions. 

I also read complaints about not enough training, unsafe working conditions, low pay — especially for support positions, feeling conflicted over serving poor quality meals to save money, etc. 

Just to be fair I did read some positive comments from former employees also. Those comments seemed to be related to positions held. 

My point is, if I can research this so can our local officials. I’m all for bringing jobs to our area, but I am not sold on this proposal. 

Also, just a thought, if it was improper for President Obama to appoint a supreme court justice in his last year in office, why is it proper for two county commissioners and a city mayor who also up for reelection this year to make far-reaching decisions for our county? 

I would ask our leaders to try to ask of people employed at these facilities and those living in cities that have these facilities how they have been impacted. I would like to hear these comments. 

I don’t want to just blindly trust what MTC has to say. 

I hope you will do your research, I plan to continue mine. 

Colleen Kunz

Bear River


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