Letter: It takes a village to raise a child, and our village has failed us all


As a father and mother who grew up, married and raised children of our own in the Valley, we want the people of Bridger Valley to know that our village failed us. Our village is failing us all. We will be silent no more. 

Our 11-year-old child was gang raped by three members of our own community, our own village. 

The three rapists gripped our innocent child’s arms and legs so that our child was defenseless. They held a knife to our child’s throat. They threatened to kill our child if our child told anyone what was about to happen.

The three rapists took turns subduing and raping our child. Our child’s fighting, crying and yelling, “Stop! Why are you doing this?!” did not deter them.

This crime is heinous. This crime is deliberate. This crime is brutal.

As family, friends and neighbors of the Valley, we want you to know that the actions of a few affect many. In our small community, this means mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, grandparents, friends, coworkers and relatives. It affects everyone, our entire village. 

Our stories must be known for the community to start healing. 

Actions of the past, if not dealt with, always resurface, as has happened time and time again. That means in our village, anyone’s child can and will be affected. It will happen to your sister, brother, son, daughter, cousin, friend and grandchildren.

Take a stand! Share your stories. 

As a father and mother, we are writing this with the blessing of our child. Our child is scared no more. Our child is more than a fighter — to us, our child is a warrior. 

We want the people of Bridger Valley to know that we will continue to fight until justice is served — justice for our child, as well as justice for all who are not brave enough or are simply unable to fight for themselves.

Michael and Gina Condos 

Violated Villagers Fighting for Justice

Blaine, Washington


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