Letter: Guns don’t kill people, humans do — and humans make mistakes every day


I attended the school board meeting on Jan. 30, and I heard many comments on both sides of the argument for allowing concealed carry in our schools. I made the comment that guns scare me. As the comments continued, a comment was made that we (I) shouldn’t be afraid of guns because they are just metal and plastic.

Using that same logic should I also not be afraid of a bomb that is made from common products bought at a local hardware store? I should rephrase my comment, I am not afraid of the gun. I am afraid of the human holding it because they are just that — human.

Humans make mistakes. Every day in America, millions of experienced, good drivers get in their vehicles and hit the roadways, and every day some of those experienced, good drivers make mistakes that cause injury and death.

More cars on the road do not make us safer. I do not believe for one minute that more guns in public places will make us safer.

I also did some research into past school shootings. I found that the majority of shooters were current or former students or staff — not strangers. I feel that the emphasis should be on keeping guns out of schools — keeping entrances secure, monitoring hallways, being aware of behaviors, etc.

We are fortunate to have excellent educators in our community, let them be educators! We are fortunate to have excellent law enforcement in our community, let them handle guns. 

Coleen Kunz

Bear River


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