Letter: Economic development and the belief that government will save us


I don’t know how many of the readers of this paper remember the Evanston City Council handing over Evanston tax dollars to International Economic Development Council, but it raises important philosophical questions. 

First off, what creates an economy? For those of you who answered government, I am here to tell you that you’re wrong, It isn’t your fault, however; you were taught this by government-run schools, by government-paid teachers who are given government curriculum from a government agency. 

When you think of it in this aspect, it is only apparently clear that the $20 trillion debt Americans have accrued is because of the belief that government drives an economy with its spending. This thought was brought forth by an economist named Keynes, who was smart but wrong.

So when I read this article about government once again intervening in the city’s economy, I can only sit back and laugh. The very notion that government is somehow going to make things better is the whole reason we are in this mess in the first place. When it comes to light that nothing can hold a candle to helping people rise out of poverty like free market capitalism, I don’t know why the government hasn’t figured it out. 

We as a town are largely conservative, not only when it comes to our social beliefs but also when it comes to our personal finance. However, when libertarians like myself say things like “separate economy and state,” we’re ignored.

So, yes, I don’t believe in a minimum wage, I don’t believe in business taxes and I don’t believe I need permission from government to make a living. These are principles I hold dear, and I believe that most residents probably hold close to their hearts. 

But let’s say that we actually enforced all of these laws to a “T.” Every kid who wants to mow your lawn and earn some cash can’t because of child labor laws, minimum wage, OSHA, health hazards and a plethora of other regulations. How is this child ever supposed to learn the value of work and have a job history? 

What if your child wants to open a lemonade stand? Well, because of food standards, the police could shut them down and fine you. As people of Wyoming, we find this ridiculous, but it has happened in other states. 

Want to feed the homeless and teach your children about charity? Also another thing that has caused people to be arrested in other states.

If Evanston’s officials want to really put people back to work, they would do everything they can to make entry into the job market as easy as possible; instead, they turn around and make it near impossible to open a business. 

Think of all the stores in town; other than two fast-food places, how many of them have been around for 20 years? Now how many have failed in the last six? This is mostly because of regulations that government has put in place, not because of the people who put their life savings into a dream. Entrepreneurship is dead in this town because of government. 

The last thing I have to say is I am hearing rumors of people treating the mayor harshly because government spending is coming to light. This is his first term; how many city council members have been there for more than two or three terms? 

This is my second letter to the paper; I will write more next month. Until then, be good and God bless.

Patrick Ballinger


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