Jim Carrey is no ‘Liar, Liar!’

It seems Jim Carrey has switched roles going from comedy actor to reality artist. At least that’s what his latest piece of artwork and the caption describing it seem to indicate. I say this because Carrey depicts an abortionist sucking the brains out of Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey’s adult head, a head that is connected to a baby’s body with an umbilical cord. The caption underneath states “I think if you’re going to terminate a pregnancy, it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama.”

He’s upset because Ivey signed the most restrictive abortion bill into law. Carrey doesn’t like it and he apparently doesn’t like the governor or those who would stand against abortion.

Carrey in the past showed the world in his movie “Liar Liar” what a manipulative, adulterous, unfaithful dad really thinks when he was bound by his disappointed son’s birthday wish to have to always to tell the truth. From that moment he couldn’t lie about his lustful desires. He couldn’t lie to the judge or the court. He couldn’t lie to the beggar. He couldn’t lie to his ex-wife or his son and now Carrey is telling the truth again.

His cartoon paints the picture of exactly what he and many others like him truly think and want to do. They think anyone who disrupts their self-serving agenda isn’t worthy to live. They want to destroy anyone who gets in their way. Destroy anyone who disagrees with them from unborn babies to governors. 

Now that we know the true contents of Jim Carrey’s heart, his words “either you’re the one erasing or you’re the one being erased” (said by many to be inspiring), seem to me to have a very eerie, haunting quality about them. It seems to go beyond the movie script and the acting set and into real life. Jim, you are not funny; you are sick and scary, but thanks for taking the veil off the phony leftwing narrative that abortion is about women’s health care. We can all see very clearly now it is not.

Doug Cox frequently contributes to Uinta County Herald’s Cross Talk column and is the pastor of Crossroads Newlife Fellowship Church in Evanston.


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