Horizon High School recognizes outstanding students

Students honored from the APEX Learning Classroom at Horizon High School include Seth Workman, Chano Florez, Alaizy Delgado, Amber Varela, Mariah Holford and Destiny Rasmussen (not pictured, Wyatt Taggart and Ayden Kearl) (HERALD PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt)

EVANSTON — Horizon Jr. /Sr. High School held their awards assembly on Friday, May 24that 2:00 p.m. Principal Shad Hamilton began the 2018 – 2019 ceremony by giving special recognition to Destiny Rasmussen for volunteering with the Special Olympics.

Hamilton then presented perfect attendance awards. Drew Warnke and Zech West both received perfect attendance awards for the entire school year. Other students who had entered Horizon late in the year but had perfect attendance from that point on were: Breanna Niels, Jeffrey Shupe, Ray Sanchez, and David Brown.

Ray Sanchez and Zech West each received an award for achieving 18 plus scores on their ACT tests.

English teacher, Kim Lahm presented four awards for achievement in English Language Arts (ELA). Receiving the ELA Achievement Awards was: Ray Sanchez, Destiny Rasmussen, Zech West and Destine Kunkle.

Denise Barker, Science teacher was very creative in designing her awards and matched students to the different scientific elements and/or terms. Barker’s words written on the certificates are as follows: 1) Molecule Award – a molecule is a group of atoms bonded together. This award goes to Taya Bennett who bonds and interacts well with others. 2) The Meteor Award – a meteor is a small body of matter from outer space that enters the earth’s atmosphere appearing as a streak of light. This award goes to Raymond Sanchez who always lights up the room. 3) Proton Award – a proton is a subatomic particle with a positive electric charge. This award goes to Hailey Guertzgen who always lights up the room. 4) Nucleus Award- the nucleus is the control center of the cell. This award goes to Seth Workman who is a classroom leader. 5) Mitochondria Award – Mitochondria are the organelles in a cell responsible for producing energy. This award goes to Zechariah West who energizes the class. 6) Periodic Table Award – The periodic table organizes chemical elements in order of increasing atomic numbers. This award goes to Alaizy Delgado whose work is always neat and in perfect order. 7) Isaac Newton Award – Isaac Newton was a physicist and mathematician known for developing the laws of motion. This award goes to Tayden Clark who loves to be active and is always on the move. 8) Thermometer Award – the thermometer is an instrument for measuring and indicating temperature. This award goes to Rhiannon Findley who has a very warm personality. 9) Erosion Award – erosion is a type of weathering in which surface soil and rock are gradually worn away through the action of glaciers, water and wind. This award goes to Anna Cook who is dedicated and works away at things until they are completed successfully. 10) Mitosis Award – mitosis is the process by which the nucleus divides in eukaryotic organisms, producing two new nuclei that are genetically identical to the nucleus of the parent cell. This award goes to Mariah Holford who is always willing to divide and share with others. 11) Zoology Award – zoology is the branch of biology that studies the animal kingdom. This award goes to KiaraPhilibert who loves animals.

Katherine Alexander, Social Studies presented achievement awards to: DJ Hanney, Anny Wisdom, Ky Wilkenson, Matthew Pickeren, and Ray Sanchez.

Jared Lundholm, Industry and Technology presented Cory Hutchinson with an award for outstanding work.

Casey Ingersoll presented awards in Fundamentals of Construction to Cody Hutchings and Seth Workman. Workman also earned the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) certification.

Health Achievement Awards were presented by Ingersoll to Destine Kunkle and Alaizy Delgado.

Para-professional Lynda Peace presented a Perseverance Award to Drew Warnke.

Candi DeCoite presented APEX Awards to Alaizy Delgado, Chano Florez, Amber Varela, Mariah Holford, Ayden Kearl, Destiny Rasmussen, Seth Workman and Wyatt Taggart.

DeCoite also presented Family and Consumer Science (FACS) Awards to Kaiden Handy and Drew Warnke.

In Culinary Arts I, DeCoite gave awards to Jeffrey Shupe, Chano Florez, Alaizy Delgado, Amber Varela, Rhiannon Findley and Destine Kunkle. In Culinary Arts III, Cory Hutchinson, Ivy Hornecker and Chassidy Arthurs received Awards. Hornecker and Arthurs each received 3 college credits and both passed the NOCTI and Serve Safe Certification tests. Chassidy Arthurs also earned the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Certification and Pro-Start Level I Certification.

Math students receiving awards from teacher Blaine Blonquist were: Kaiden Handy, Destiny Rasmussen, Alaizy Delgado, Ryan Church, and Mariah Holford.

In the Art Department teacher Rebecca Young presented awards to the following students: Rhiannon Findley, Priscilla Campbell, Alaizy Delgado, Jeffrey Shupe, Destiny Rasmussen, Chassidy Arthurs and DJ Hanney. Anny Wisdom, DJ Hanney, and Val Saevedra also received the NOCTI Graphic Arts certification.

Rebecca Young then asked the graduating seniors to come forward and present special awards, they had designed, to each of the teachers, staff, and administration.


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