High Uinta Gymnastics travels to NGA Championships

Wyoming National Gymnastics Team: Back row L-R: Madilyn Roetker, Amelia Nicholson, and Adalynn Gerrard. Middle row: Baylee Williams, Madison Graham, Raegan Roetker, and Sarah Klatt. Front: Bree Roetker and MaKenly Ray. (COURTESY PHOTO)

High Uinta Gymnastics (HUG) just returned from the Bayou State of Lousiana who hosted the NGA National Gymnastics Championships.  Two thousand superior athletes from around the United States volleyed for the coveted medals and individual titles on the vault, uneven parallel bars, balance beam, floor exercise, and in the all-around.  HUG took nine athletes to this amazing competition held in the New Orleans Convention Center June 16th to 23rd 2023. We had plane delays, rental car issues, and 85% to 95% humidity with a heat index of 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Life was a challenge for the Wyoming national team in Lousiana.

Bree Roetker, daughter of John and Randie, a Level 2 rookie athlete, placed 2nd in the nation on vault scoring 9.775 taking the silver medal. She also placed 8th on bars scoring 9.275, 12th on beam with a fall, scoring 9.100, 11th on floor scoring 9.425 and 10th in the all-around scoring a 37.575.  When she had finished her competition she questioned, “Did I do good?”

“Yes, you were amazing!!!” I replied.

Sarah Klatt, daughter of Eric, a Level 2 rookie athlete, placed 7th in the nation on vault scoring 9.575. She also placed 15th on bars her most difficult event, scoring 8.625, beam brought a 13th Tie scoring 8.925, 15th on floor scoring 9.150, and a respectable 15th place all-around scoring 36.275. Sarah said she had the time of her life and made several new friends from Tennessee.

Amelia Nicholson, daughter of Lucas and Sarah, a Level 3 rookie athlete, placed 5th in the nation on vault scoring 9.550. Bars brought a 13th place scoring a 9.425, beam was a little shaky with 11th place scoring 9.200, floor brought a 13th place scoring 9.350, and the all-around brought a 12th place scoring 37.525.  Amelia was mesmerized by her surroundings and all the talented girls.

MaKenly Ray, daughter of Tim and Marcy, a Level 3 rookie athlete placed 4th in the nation on balance beam becoming a “beam queen” earning a special crown scoring a 9.600. Additionally, she took 11thon vault scoring 9.400, bars earned 14th place scoring 9.100, floor brought 17th place scoring 9.150, and the all-around placed 13th scoring 37.250.  Becoming a beam queen is a great honor and MaKenly was our only team member to earn this special national award.

Baylee Williams, daughter of Rocio and Ashley, a Level 3 rookie athlete placed 8th in the nation on beam scoring 9.375. Her floor placed 12th scoring 9.300, beam brought 13th scoring 9.025, vault placed 14th scoring 9.175, and her all-around placed 14th scoring 36.875. Baylee was calm and collected during her first National championship meet making friends from California.

Adalynn Gerrard, daughter of Nathan and Rikki, a Gold division athlete, placed 6th in the nation on floor scoring 9.350. Additionally, she placed 8th in the nation on vault scoring 9.200 and bars scoring 9.350. Her beam brought 10th place scoring 9.075 due to a fall. Her all-around brought her 6th in the nation scoring 36.975. She claimed that her full turn on beam fall cost her placing in the top 3 in the nation which it did losing -.50 off her score. However, she is an amazing athlete who shines under pressure.

Madilyn Roetker, daughter of John and Randie, a Platinum division athlete placed 9th in the nation on beam scoring 9.125. Floor brought 11th place scoring 9.375, bars placing 12th scoring 8.250, vault placing 13th scoring 9.350, and the all-around placing 12th scoring 36.100. Madilyn missed her kip on bars, yet she kept it together and kept fighting her way on the other events.

Raegan Roetker, daughter of John and Randie, a Platinum division athlete placed 9th in the nation on vault. She is our individual event specialist competing only on vault. She holds an 8th grade state track record and is a fabulous athlete.

Madison Graham, daughter or Seth and Ashley, a Level 7 division athlete placed 12th on vault scoring 9.300, bars scoring 8.475, and the all-around scoring 35.900. Beam brought an 11th place scoring 8.700, while floor was her highest score of 9.425 placing 14th due to an out of bounds mishap. Madison stated, “I loved competing and meeting kids from all over. New Orleans is too hot!”

These amazing athletes are coached by Barb Diehl, Hayley Perkins, Ashley Graham, Rikki Gerrard, Tori Betz, and Kyler Hogman. We had additional athletes who qualified for Nationals whom we had to leave at home they are: Madelyn June Brown, Ashley Martin, Cheznee Mackey, Maci Bernard, Oaklynn Caldwell, Enzie Guymon, Ashlan Hall, Hunter Hendrickson, Madelyn Miller, Mila Morrison, Harlee Shafto-Segura, and Juliet Williams.