Eyre is right choice for Wyoming


I am writing this letter to express my full support and endorsement of Danny Eyre for the Wyoming House of Representatives. I have followed Danny’s voting record and his work in the legislature closely these last four years. I am supporting Danny, first and foremost, because he is a true conservative that is fighting every day in the legislature to promote and protect our Wyoming values. Danny fights for smaller government, lower taxes, he has a 100 percent pro-life and pro-family voting record, and he understands the importance of your religious freedoms and liberties.

Second, Danny understands the difficulties our economy is facing and is working night and day to help our natural resource industry and the high-quality jobs they provide. He is working to help the family-owned small businesses survive these difficult times. It is no secret that Wyoming is in a tough spot. In order to have a strong state, we need a strong economy. We need a place where we have jobs to support ourselves and feed our families. Danny understands that and has been and will continue to work to make sure that our economic future is stable and full of success.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, Danny is a man of unquestioned integrity. He is a man of his word. His loyalties are to you, his constituents and everything that he does is to make Uinta County and Wyoming a better place. In order to be a successful servant, the number one most important thing you can have is integrity. Danny is a good legislator because you can trust him. You know Danny will always tell you the truth.

In contrast, I have seen Danny’s opponent attempt false and misleading attacks on Danny. I hate to dignify these false and disingenuous attacks with a response, but I want you to know, they are half-truths and misleading inuendo.

The truth is, because of the decline of our natural resource industry, out of a $2.9 billion general fund budget, Wyoming is facing a $1.5 billion deficit. Wyoming could literally cut the salary of every single state employee in Wyoming to zero and not have a balanced budget. Given this, Danny has had to make and will continue to have to make excruciatingly difficult decisions. It is more important now than ever that we send people to Cheyenne with Danny’s proven conservative credentials, who understand the importance of building a strong economy so we can have jobs here in Wyoming and who has the integrity to face these difficult decisions and do what is best for Wyoming. Danny is that man.

Ron Micheli

Fort Bridger


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