DMS students, teachers showcase their many talents

EVANSTON — Davis Middle School students competed in the school’s annual talent show on Thursday, March 1, and multiple students danced, sang, played and performed to entertain and impress their peers and vie for top marks from the student and staff judges. The DMS student council hosted the event, conducting tryouts, coordinating the different acts and organizing the judges and prizes. 

Students clapped along and cheered enthusiastically for their fellow students throughout the show. A staff skit has become part of the talent show tradition, and this year multiple teachers donned blown-up heads of fellow teachers to take the stage, dance and cut loose. 

This year’s grand prize winner was eighth-grader Linzy Sharp, who sang a tune from the film “The Greatest Showman.” First place went to pianist Aubrey Horrocks, second to McKye Carver who sang and played the ukulele, and third to pianist Ethnee Swensen. The People’s Choice Award went to Payt Burton for his dance routine, which has itself become a talent show tradition, and this year had staff and fellow students jumping on stage behind him to follow the lead with his choreography. 

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