Daggett County Sheriff resigns amid allegations of misconduct at jail

After two Daggett County (Utah) Jail correction officers were fired last week, and the jail commander resigned, Daggett County Sheriff Jerry R. Jorgensen submitted his resignation Monday morning. 

The upheaval coames after, on Feb. 17, the Utah Department of Corrections removed 80 state inmates from the Daggett County Jail as a result of an ongoing investigation of alleged misconduct by staff.

“Sheriff Jerry Jorgensen and Chief Deputy Chris Collett met with UDC officials on April 11 to discuss the findings of their investigation,” according to an April 19 press release from the sheriff’s office.

Those findings led to the termination of two jailers, and the resignation of another. 

The sheriff’s office released another statement on Monday, saying Jorgensen has resigned. He’d been working for the county since 2007, when he was a jail commander. He was elected sheriff in 2010 and began his first term in 2011. Jorgensen was re-elected in 2014.

According to Monday’s press release, Jorgensen “has served the people of Daggett County with honor and integrity. We wish him the best. He will be missed.”

Officials said the investigation into alleged misconduct by staff is ongoing. 

“As the investigation is still ongoing, there will not be any information released on the allegations at this time,” the press release states. 

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