County commission talks grants, airport, passenger rail

Darby Noorda with the county planning office speaks during a county commission meeting last month. (HERALD PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt)

EVANSTON — At the Oct. 19 Uinta County Commission meeting, Darby Noorda with the county planning office asked to be moved to first on the agenda as she had another appointment.  Uinta County Road and Bridge East Foreman Barney Brisko of asked to be added to the agenda. Commissioners granted Noorda’s request and amended the agenda with the addition of Brisko.

Noorda asked the commissioners to approve the Sage Industrial Park No. 7 subdivision. She explained that Lot 6 of the industrial plot is currently zoned industrial and will remain the same.  The owner, J.C. Brothers LLC.  wishes to divide the property into two lots; one 1.4-acre parcel and one 2.5-acre parcel.

“There is existing city sewer and water for both lots,” Noorda said. “Planning and zoning gives a favorable recommendation.  There are currently industrial buildings on both lots but no homes or residential areas. I would now like to open a public hearing if anyone wants to make a comment.”

Eric Wall of Uinta Engineering spoke in favor of the subdivision. He said there is a 40-foot-wide easement to the property and the buyer only needs one building so it makes sense to subdivide. Wall said the road in Sage Industrial Park was at one time a private road but had been deeded to the county.

There were no other comments from the public so Noorda closed the hearing. The Commissioners voted to approve the subdivision.

Uinta County Clerk Amanda Hutchinson asked commissioners to approve authorizing chairman South to sign a letter of support for the Greater Northwest Passenger Rail working group, which is attempting to offer passenger rail services in Uinta County. The Commissioners approved signing the letter of support.

Public Works Director Clay Baird asked the commission for approval for chair Eric South to sign off on the final payment of $13,114.57 (10% of the total payment) to Straight Stripe Painting for the 2021 airport seal coat and pavement markings project at the Fort Bridger airport. Baird stated the work had been completed and he was satisfied with the work.

“The payment will be held until Nov 1,” Baird said. “A specialist from WYDOT will inspect the work and provide certification.” The request was approved.

Kim West of Emergency Management addressed the commission, requesting that Commissioner South be authorized to sign the agreement with the Office of Homeland Security for the Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) of $44,894.58 which pays 50% of West’s salary with the county providing a match of $44,894.58 which comes from West’s budget, he explained. The grant term is from Oct. 1, 2021 to Sept. 30, 2022. 

West also asked for authorization for South to approve the agreement with the State Homeland Security Program grant (SHSP) of $59,455.

“This is federal money passed through the State Office of Homeland Security and will be used for the purchase of an emergency generator for the Human Services building,” West said. “This is a 100% grant with no match required and the period of performance runs from Sept. 1, 2021 through Aug. 31, 2023.”

Both grant authorizations were approved by the commission.

Barney Brisko, Road and Bridges was last on the agenda.  Brisko asked the Commission to approve a change order for $3,460 to the contract with Wall Contractors, Inc. The company had discovered bridge piles and old abutments in the way of rebuilding the bridge at County Road 271. Brisko also asked for an extension on the contract completion date from Oct. 1 to Nov. 1, due to a rebid of the superstructure.

The commission approved both the change order for Wall Construction and the extension on the contract completion date.


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