Class reunions, long sandwiches and Leslie’s long reach

Here is a follow-up to some previous columns concerning interesting happenings around the state:

Reunions are big

All across Wyoming energetic local leaders are planning one of the year’s biggest events in their town — the annual class reunion for the schools.

As time passes, some of the more progressive towns are holding all-class reunions where a multitude of classes can get together.

Debbie Hammons, formerly of Worland, feels this is a wonderful opportunity for local chambers of commerce and economic development groups to sell and re-sell their towns to former residents. She says:

“Every Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development office in Wyoming should see our aging American population as an economic opportunity. 

“Hosting a fantastic Class Reunion shows former residents what they are missing with small town living — many towns in other states have figured this out. Former residents who return to class reunions are seeking good memories, and they just might be interested in relocating to easier, cheaper, more meaningful and more fun living. Live your golden years in Wyoming and spend your gold here! 

“Towns like Evanston, Worland, Powell, Sheridan, Lander, Riverton, Rawlins and other similar places are the perfect towns to do it — walkable old parts of town, charming shops already there, close to easy hiking and fishing, good restaurants and a good proximity to an airport. Plus these towns have an interesting mix of people and activities!”

What a sky!

What a year for sky-watchers in Wyoming! Last August we were the best place in America to watch the solar eclipse. And five months later on Jan. 31, we had the best seat in the house to watch a lunar eclipse, which featured a super moon, a blue moon and a blood moon. Whew!

The super moon refers to when the moon is closest to the earth and is 16 percent brighter than normal. The blue moon means the second full moon during a month. A blood moon refers to how the moon turns red during the period of totality.

The crisp winter weather was perfect in the Lander area with winds calm just eight hours after massive winds of 86 mph blew through town. 

And then there was the launch of the huge Falcon Heavy SpaceX rocket Feb. 6. The rocket’s secondary burn in orbit was visible from locations in Wyoming’s clear winter sky.

Literally the best example of cross promotion in history occurred when SpaceX owner Elon Musk launched one of his Tesla sports cars into orbit on top of the giant rocket. 

Breadboard milestone

Back in December, folks in Buffalo were celebrating that Greg Born opened his sandwich shop 35 years ago. Local columnist Sagebrush Sven (who gets help from Jim Hicks every so often) wrote: 

“He was bragging about that last week and said that if he laid all the sandwiches he has served in those 35 years ‘end-to-end’ they would reach all the way to Cheyenne from Buffalo. 

“One of his customers asked if that was in ‘road miles or as the crow flies.’ Greg had no more explained it was road miles than another customer said: ‘And he did all that with only one roll of bologna.’ 

“Got to hand it to Greg, he can handle a little teasing as well as he can dish it out. Fact of the matter is we do like the creations at the Bread Board, and the entertainment that goes with each order if he’s behind the counter.”

The Born family has four Bread Board locations around the state, also in Lander, Cody and Riverton.

One of the original ones is in Lander where Bob Born is the boss. For years, we have purchased his 12-foot versions for parties and family gatherings. 

Leslie Blythe

Back on Jan. 5, we reported on the passing of our great friend Leslie Blythe, who was just 58.

My brother Tom, in Columbia, South Carolina, told me that he saw Blythe mentioned on NBC TV nightly news on Feb. 5. It seems that one of Leslie’s great friends was Karen Sullivan, who writes a health column in the Butte, Montana, newspaper. She mentioned the loss of Leslie in her column, which was then picked up by the NBC national network news.

Leslie was always just about the best person on the planet at generating publicity and I found it both typical and ironic that she was even garnering such press time even after her death.

It is still stunning to think that she is gone. Godspeed. 

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