Are you eligible for property tax relief?

Uinta County Treasurer Terry Brimhall has set up an information table in the Uinta County Complex on the state property tax relief/refund. (HERALD PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt)

County treasurer says her office can help homeowners apply

EVANSTON — Uinta County Treasurer Terry Brimhall wants property owners in the county to know that state property tax relief is for anyone, not just senior citizens, who meet the qualifications. The Wyoming legislature passed a bill this past session to raise the median household income level for property tax relief/refund.

“The deadline for applications is June 5,” Brimhall said. “Our office did not receive payment records from mortgage companies until May 10, so it caused a delay in getting the word out to people about the changes. I put up a display table near the entry into the county complex, where people can pick up an informative brochure and an application.”

Brimhall said her office will help anyone fill out the application and will even mail it for them. They can retrieve the information needed for those who pay their property taxes with their mortgage payments. She said she has received 90 applications so far and those who filed for relief in 2022 will have received a 2023 application directly from the state.

In 2022, the treasurer’s office received 177 applications for property tax relief with 134 of those receiving refunds; 31 applications were denied due to excess income and 12 had insufficient documentation.

In order to qualify for a refund, the applicant must own their home; must have paid their 2022 property taxes on that home in a timely manner and have a receipt for that payment. The applicant needs to be a Wyoming resident for the past five years and occupied the residence for not less than nine months of the tax year.

Income qualifications are based on the applicant’s household income (income includes all adults in household), and if that income is equal to or less than 125% of the median household income for the county of residence or the statewide median, whichever is greater. For Uinta County, 125% of the 2022 median household income is $92,788. (125% of the statewide median income is $86,400).

Last year’s 125% of median household income amount was $45,253 which shows a definite increase in eligibility qualifications.

Personal assets cannot exceed $150,000 per adult household member and, if the applicant owns other real estate, bank accounts and investments, they cannot total in excess of $150,000 per adult household member.

However, they may exclude: the value of their home, a car for each adult household member and any retirement accounts (IRAs, 401K plans, cash value of life insurance policies, medical savings, etc.) or if the total property tax bill exceeds more than 10% of their total reported income, then this asset limit would not apply.

“Applicants will need a copy of their 2022 1040 tax form, showing they paid taxes, and a copy of the SSI form showing social security income,” Brimhall said. “The amount of the refund will not exceed one-half of the median residential property tax liability for the applicant’s county of residence. The maximum refund for last year was $528.68 and the maximum refund for this year is $690.”

Brimhall said some counties in Wyoming have used ARPA funds to add to the maximum refund available for property tax relief applicants; however, Uinta County has not done that.

“Some people who were denied last year because of insufficient documentation may have just made a simple mistake. Our office is here to help applicants to make sure they have all their documentation and have filled out the application properly,” Brimhall said.

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