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Response to ‘The other side of the story’

I am a regular at Uinta Senior Center, eating breakfast, playing pool, staying for lunch and socializing. I know the staff well and see firsthand how busy they are. The kitchen staff sends out up to 120 meals a day to stay-at-home seniors in our community and provides lunch for between 15 and 30 in-house. They have, for several weeks, been running the kitchen with a staff of three, and on a few days, only two.

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The seniors deserve better

According to the dictionary, “yellow journalism” can be defined as journalism that is based upon sensationalism and crude exaggeration but there is nothing sensational or exaggerated about the state of the Senior Center.

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Tug’s Christmas meaning revisited

Our oldest son Tug has achieved some magnificent accomplishments over the years. Through all of his schooling he was a straight A scholar and also student body president in college where he graduated at the top of his class. He managed this again when he got his master’s degree, in spite of working full time overseeing multiple rigs and raising a family. He’s a goal setter and hard worker, developing tubing for directional drilling and broke records for oil companies, but with that many braincells, like the rest of us, I’m sure he can’t quite fathom how he came from my loins. Tug was born much more grown up than I and just a tad on the serious side, and I’m pretty sure he’s often wondered if maybe the stork got turned around in a spring blizzard and dropped him into the arms of a woman who’s not quite right; she doesn’t even know which way is east.

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Think and grow rich in 2023

Merry Christmas friends! I hope you had a wonderful 2022. I started the year reading “Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People.” I’d be more effective by now if I hadn’t misplaced it in June. I probably should have been reading “Think and Grow Rich” instead anyway. It was an expensive year for my husband and me. Please send money. Kidding! Sort of.

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The other side of the story

Dear Editor, As the former Chair of the Uinta County Senior Center, I am concerned with the misinformation that has been presented in your article on the center, and I sent a letter to the Editor to have the misinformation corrected. I am wondering why my letter was not published and with only one side of the story being told it really comes across as “yellow journalism”. We have some problems that are being rectified, but your writer has not been interested in writing about any of the solutions that have been made by the staff and the board. She has not interviewed anyone that might have a positive outlook on the changes being made, and there are always TWO sides of the story.

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Co. attorney addresses allegations of 2nd amendment violations

It has come to the attention of Uinta County, specifically the Uinta County Sheriff, Attorney and Board of County Commissioners, that Trevor Rasmussen, former Mountain View Police Chief and current “running-mate” of Uinta County Republican candidate, Andy Kopp, has issued communication asserting allegations against Uinta County of violating federal law and our citizens’ rights pursuant to the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article 1 §24 of the Wyoming Constitution. This communication has not only been disseminated privately amongst undisclosed citizens but has also been posted by a constituent on social media.

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Time to replace Eyre with Allred

Letter to the editor from Parker Jackson

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Evanston isn’t the right place for immigration detention center

Letter to the editor from Gisele and Pete Robinson

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