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Keeping Wyoming’s lights on: a conservative commitment to energy sovereignty and affordability

As I’ve journeyed across my district, meeting you in town halls, offices, and even grocery store lines, your voices have been loud and clear. Wyoming may be the state we are proud and blessed to call home, but it still faces critical challenges.

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Joe Biden’s deterioration should be off stage

Videos of Joe Biden not knowing where he is or saying he just met with a French president who died 25 years ago are not so funny anymore. They’re tragic. And I can’t help feeling embarrassed and sorry for the president.

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We need a nice potluck

I think Congress could use a group hug right now. It would be hard to coordinate seeing as there’s 100 senators and 435 representatives. And the way they’re getting along right now they’re not likely to want to participate. Maybe an old-fashioned potluck would be more realistic. Nothing says “let’s be friends” like sloppy joes and Jell-O salad.

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What the world needs now

“What the world needs now is love sweet love, it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.” These lyrics were written by songwriter Hal David and put to music composed by Burt Bacharach in the 1960s. The song was first released April 15, 1965, and sung by Jackie Deshannon and later by Petula Clark and Dionne Warwick.

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Evanston crowd was worst I’ve seen in 32 years of officiating

Editor: What are we teaching our children? I was one of the referees that worked the Evanston and Star Valley basketball games in Evanston on Jan. 25. I must say that in my 32 years of officiating, I have never heard the kinds of language directed at me and my partners from a student section at a game. It was truly heart wrenching.

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Red Kettle Drive raised more than $17,000

The Uinta County Service Extension Unit of the Salvation Army would like to extend to the community a warm, heartfelt and huge “thank you” for your support of that season’s Red Kettle Drive.

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Reagan: It’s always Trump’s fault, right?

It’s a good thing Donald Trump doesn’t own one of the Super Bowl teams. If he did, people would already be rioting in the streets of Las Vegas, demanding that the NFL call off next weekend’s big game. The liberal media would be cheering on the rioters, as usual.

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Sec. Gray, Trustee Bennett — you need to calm down

One of the many Taylor Swift songs I love includes a reaction to a seemingly angry or aggressive person on social media. “And I’m just like, ‘Hey, are you OK?’” Swift sings in response. I’d like to pose that question to a couple of people here. Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray gave me a call last Wednesday to complain about a news article we wrote about his Evanston town hall earlier this month. Here’s about how it started: Gray: There are several blatant inaccuracies in that story … do I need to get my lawyer involved? Me: How about we take a deep breath? He didn’t like that — bullies never do.

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Webb: My math says look closer at property tax claims

Editor: In the Jan. 17 Uinta County Herald’s “in our opinion” editorial about the “People’s Initiative to Limit Property Tax in Wyoming through a Homeowner’s Property Exemption” they say, it’s a “bad idea,” and if the initiative passes: “That means maintaining roads would be at a minimum; emergency services, fire protection would all be reduced; schools would have to cut staff, programs and reduce the number of out-of-town trips for sports and much more.”

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Open letter to U.S. Rep Harriet Hageman

Dear Rep. Harriet Hageman: It was with at first interest, and then dismay and sadness that I read the letter associated with your “Protect Our Rights” form that I received in the mail. I had hoped that I would have encountered a thoughtful discussion of the many issues before us as Americans in today’s world but instead was presented with a negative diatribe against the current administration.

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Thanks to the Herald and the community

The Uinta Community Service Center would like to thank the Uinta County Herald for the article regarding homelessness in Evanston, published in the Jan. 3 edition of the paper.

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Property taxes and the upcoming legislative session

During and shortly after the Pandemic, much of Wyoming saw significant in-migration of people from other states. This movement of people into Wyoming was a result of our scenic beauty, rural nature, freedoms, and a general sense of restlessness in the nation.

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Facts about that ‘50% off property taxes’ petition and why it’s a bad idea

Before you sign that petition circulating around the city, to lower property taxes by 50%, consider what those taxes provide and the probable consequences if they were cut in half. It may be tempting to want to pay less taxes but cutting that expenditure in half could bring disastrous consequences for you, your children and for your community.

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Are local officials above the law?

Editor: The foundation of our Republican form of government rests upon the principle that elected officials represent the people, not reign over them as kings or queens. However, it’s becoming increasingly alarming to witness certain elected representatives embracing an attitude that borders on regal entitlement, detached from the very constituents they are meant to represent.

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How to be your own best friend in 2024

I made just one New Year’s resolution for 2024. I resolved that this will be the year I finally accept myself as I am. I figure it’s about time. Plus I’m hoping it will make some other resolutions unnecessary.

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Wyo’s choice: something or nothing

Gov. Mark Gordon recently made news with a pair of statements that received national attention. In the first, Gov. Gordon participated in a discussion involving Wyoming’s economy and future at the Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School of Government.

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Want secure prisons and safe roads? Pay state employees a living wage

Newspaper work involves going to many meetings, whether it’s as a beat reporter or an editor trying to get the day’s news to readers. Having done both jobs, to me there’s no question which is more stressful. No offense to journalists in the trenches covering confounding government meetings, then hustling to explain the intricacies under a tight deadline. But I’d jump at that assignment over any newspaper budget meeting.

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Evanston Civic Orchestra and Chorus performance was a very nice treat

Thank you, Evanston Civic Orchestra and Chorus, for the Christmas musical program recently presented at Davis Middle School. Many thanks to all who performed or provided supportive help to make this program possible. Also many thanks to those who have donated financially to make programs such as this feasible.

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Why aren’t county employees taking pay cuts when essential services are facing cuts?

This letter is in response to Uinta County Assessor Lori Perkins’ letter printed on your opinion page on Nov. 8, in opposition of the 50% Property Tax Initiative.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas all! And happy New Year! I hope 2023 was a good year for you. It didn’t start out well for me. Ever since early 2020, I’ve had the feeling that I’m running from something. And last winter, it caught me … COVID. I couldn’t be sure until I took the test, but I knew something was wrong because there was chocolate in the house and I didn’t feel like eating it.

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Merry Swiftmas ... or, the year of the woman

When I was 15, I fell hard for a guy who also happened to be my friend. We talked nearly daily and spent a lot of time together, in school and out. He didn’t seem to notice I was crazy about him and saw him as far more than a friend. He was dating somebody else at the time.

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A lump of coal for Christmas

I see the Wyoming governor and state legislature have put a lump of coal in the Wyomingites stockings this year. Gov. Gordon mentioned, in a Uinta County Herald Op-Ed dated Dec. 6, a fact that the state experiences financial swings of boom and bust. If I am not mistaken, we are experiencing a bust, so I am surprised that Gov. Gordon and the Wyoming State Legislature are placing needed funds in a rainy-day fund when it is snowing! It would be prudent and aligned with our conservative values to save funds, but after we assist our current citizenry in need.

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Keep making your voices heard — it is making a difference

As we approach the Christmas holiday, I would like to wish all of our county residents a happy and peaceful season. I hope you have been able to take advantage of many of the good things that go on in all of our communities.

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Don’t decorate and other ideas to reduce holiday stress

My friend said she wished she could make Christmas as glorious for her grandkids as it was when she was growing up. I told her of course Christmas was happier when she was a child. She wasn’t doing all the cooking then.

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Maternity care deserts should be top priority, especially for pro-lifers

Nearly one-quarter of women in the Equality State live more than 30 miles away from a birthing hospital, making much of Wyoming a “maternity care desert.” That leaves many with no choice but to make long, dangerous trips in harsh weather to other communities here or in nearby states.

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Proposed property tax changes are bad policy

Property tax is a hot issue in Wyoming politics. Residential property tax assessments have increased in recent years, and some are feeling the squeeze. These concerns are not entirely without cause, as some genuinely struggle with the increase. However, the reasons why assessments have increased are not well understood and the main proposed response would do more harm than good.

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The mantra of the inexperienced traveler

I’m not what you’d call an experienced traveler. I think that makes me extra observant when my husband and I travel — except when I doze off, which I tend to do in a moving vehicle of any kind. That’s why we don’t travel by motorcycle. Also why I don’t think space travel would be worth the cost for me.

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Update on stained glass window project

On Nov. 13, the project coordinator of Scottish Stained Glass reached out to update us on the progress of the stained glass windows being restored for Union Presbyterian Church. At that time, they had started to create the build plans and categorize all the materials.

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Will our stingy lawmakers leave Wyomingites stranded this winter?

When you’re stuck in a massive snowstorm on a Wyoming highway this winter — or when you can’t leave your home for days because the roads are closed — here are a few things to think about while waiting for an underpaid snowplow driver to rescue you. The Wyoming Legislature put $1.4 billion into savings earlier this year, the largest deposit like that in the state’s history.

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Time to replace Eyre with Allred

Letter to the editor from Parker Jackson

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Evanston isn’t the right place for immigration detention center

Letter to the editor from Gisele and Pete Robinson

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