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The mantra of the inexperienced traveler

I’m not what you’d call an experienced traveler. I think that makes me extra observant when my husband and I travel — except when I doze off, which I tend to do in a moving vehicle of any kind. That’s why we don’t travel by motorcycle. Also why I don’t think space travel would be worth the cost for me.

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Update on stained glass window project

On Nov. 13, the project coordinator of Scottish Stained Glass reached out to update us on the progress of the stained glass windows being restored for Union Presbyterian Church. At that time, they had started to create the build plans and categorize all the materials.

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Will our stingy lawmakers leave Wyomingites stranded this winter?

When you’re stuck in a massive snowstorm on a Wyoming highway this winter — or when you can’t leave your home for days because the roads are closed — here are a few things to think about while waiting for an underpaid snowplow driver to rescue you. The Wyoming Legislature put $1.4 billion into savings earlier this year, the largest deposit like that in the state’s history.

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Grateful for Joy Bell’s commitment to seniors

Editor: I would like to extend my personal “thank you” to Joy Bell for her service to Unita Senior Citizens Inc. (USCI), her commitment to community and most of all the selfless time she donated to serve the seniors and clients for the past 10 months.

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Giving away a treasure is not defending it!

Editor: Martha Jenkins’ recent article, “Wyomingites have a chance to defend a national treasure,” accused Gov. Mark Gordon, Rep. Bill Allemand and other legislators as being up in arms and hyperbolic over an upcoming BLM land management proposal for the Red Desert. She defends the BLM as if it were some docile agency out for everybody’s good.

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G is for gratitude; E is for effulgent; F is for…

’Tis the season to be thankful. Just in time, I came across an exercise shared by Benedictine monk Brother David Steindl-Rast. When he’s waiting, say for a medical appointment, he goes through the alphabet. And with each letter, he considers what he appreciates about the first word that comes to him. I can see how focusing on gratitude would be more enjoyable than worrying about the mole you’re there to have removed or the root canal you’re about to have.

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As Wyoming voters lose faith in churches, politics is the new religion

The separation of church and state is fundamental to our democracy, but as America’s involvement in organized religion dwindles, politics are filling the void.

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Scoring the GOP’s second stringers

You know how sometimes when you’re going 70 mph and suddenly a stupid fly in the car starts bothering the hell out you? You know how it keeps buzzing around your head, landing on your windshield, and you have to open the window and try to shoo it out without crashing your car? Well, Vivek Ramaswamy reminded me of that fly during the Republican primary debate Wednesday night.

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Perkins: Cutting property taxes will lead to decrease in services

ditor: Property taxes in the state of Wyoming are based on the market. So when we have five or more sales within a neighborhood that indicate our values are low compared to what they are selling for, we are required to put a market adjustment on the neighborhoods where the homes are located. This, in turn, is driving up the market in Uinta County. Therefore, the assessed value has gone up, and so have your taxes. This is difficult for the residents of the county who have no interest in selling their homes.

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Suicide prevention and mental health in Wyoming: A moral imperative

Until just last year, Wyoming has led the country in the suicide death rate since 2018, according to the most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. This is an issue of life or death; and as a pro-life legislator, I have joined many in the Wyoming Legislature who understand we can no longer, in good conscience, continue to force the obligation of this critical issue of Wyoming lives at the feet of families, churches, nonprofits and volunteers.

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Thanks to those who have supported local American Legion Post 36 this past year

Editor: With Veterans Day approaching and the year quickly coming to an end, I would like to express my appreciation of the community, along with businesses and individuals within that community that have supported American Legion Post 36.

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Chatting with Digital Dora

I wasn’t expecting trouble when I called a certain national company. I was sure the friendly, helpful folks at the branch nearest me could handle my issue — until one of them put me on hold. Two hours later — or maybe it was 10 minutes — a recorded voice said, “May I have your zip code please?”

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Delay the demolition

Let me pose a few questions. • Why would the state of Wyoming want to spend millions of dollars to tear down solid brick buildings when investors are interested in refurbishing them? • Where does the money trail lead? • Does the Wyoming Department of Health have an alternative plan for that property when the buildings are gone? • Why has the state allowed in the buildings or equipment to be vandalized? • What will happen to the barren land after the buildings are removed?

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First one to commit to nonviolence wins

For many years there have been various “Palestinian Gandhis” leading nonviolent struggles to gain rights while under Israeli occupation. Ayed Morrar led his Budrus villagers to a victory to save their olive groves, their way of life, when the Israeli Defense Force was ordered to push a wall through. Or Mubarak Awad, Palestinian nonviolence leader and founder of Nonviolence International — a man still calling for nonviolent struggle.

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Thanks for helping raise funds for windows

Editor: The Union Presbyterian Church would like to thank everyone who purchased tickets for the fundraiser held on Oct. 4. The church is very grateful for the overwhelming community support for the stained glass window restoration project.

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Kicking the bucket list

I’ve been feeling a little inadequate ever since I overheard a conversation between two dreamers in a restaurant recently. I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop. It’s not my fault people talk so loudly — and about such interesting things.

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Reagan: House Republicans need to grow up

OK, my fellow Republicans, you got rid of Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Eight of you joined with every Democrat in the House of Representatives — the only part of the federal government we control — to vote McCarthy out, 216-210.

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A little grumpy, are we?

I was leaving a parking lot when I saw a man jump out of his car, wave his arms, shake his fists and rant at a woman in a car that had nearly collided with his. Given the particulars of the near miss, it’s hard to say whose fault it would have been had they connected, but I can tell you whose side I would have taken.

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Knopf should be recognized at ponds

My retired teacher friends and I had lunch at the Bear Ponds. There was a slight breeze, and the leaves were turning their fall yellow. The river was so beautiful and calming. As we enjoyed this beautiful, very usable location, I thought of who was responsible for this area — Paul Knopf.

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P&Z chair Thompson: I feel attacked

Editor: I feel that I need to address a matter that I should have cleared up in my letter to the paper last week. The information I received about both the shed and the snow removal at Tom’s HVAC was told to me AFTER the planning and zoning meeting when the vote was taken that ended up in Dominion’s favor.

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I’m not sick — really!

I’ve noticed a change in my behavior since COVID. Nowadays when I cough in front of someone else I feel obligated to explain it away. “It’s just a little tickle.” Or “I’ve got seasonal allergies.” Or “You must have cat hair on your sweater.”

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Time to replace Eyre with Allred

Letter to the editor from Parker Jackson

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Evanston isn’t the right place for immigration detention center

Letter to the editor from Gisele and Pete Robinson

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