Jimmy John’s set to open in Evanston

New restaurant could be open as early as next week

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Altitude to open new Evanston location

Altitude Evanston, LLC, general manager Ben Critchfield gestures toward the end of the new Altitude location’s vacant lot, which he envisions as bordered with trees after it is paved. (HERALD PHOTO/Bethany Lange)

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An unexpected adventure

Woman battles to overcome stage II cancer

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Man seeks answer to age-old question: How did we get here?

Dedication and commitment are what have transferred Duane Erickson’s dreams into realities as he points to a map he made by researching the geography of the Book of Mormon. (HERALD PHOTO/Mandee Leonhardt)

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With fun and fitness for all

Maggie Jones teaches her 7 a.m. cycling class on Tuesday, April 11. Cyclers were split into teams and took turns biking “hills” and “mountains” with varying difficulty levels while Jones coached to an energetic music mix. (HERALD PHOTO/Bethany Lange)

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Local firefighters make good use of new facility

Firefighters extinguish controlled burns in new training building

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