Wyoming Downs horse racing results

BEAR RIVER — Horse racing continued this past weekend at Wyoming Downs and the racing was exciting.

On Saturday, there were a couple of big payouts for choosing the trifecta correctly and three horses paid more than $20 for the win.

In the first race, Fancy Cartel paid $12.40 by winning the race. Micsfeaturepresenta was second and Radly’s Mountain was third.

Rstonecoldsober, paid out $29.60 to win in the second race with Midnight’s Wagon in second place and G1 Doctor Evil was third. The trifecta paid $990.20.

Tres Corona won the third race and paid $20.40. Iggy Is was second and Big Splash was third. The trifecta paid $774.80.

In the fourth race of the day, Scoter Willie won the race and paid $6.80. Eyessa Special Bolt was second and Big Splash was third.

Flash N the Girls flashed across the finish line in first place and paid $6.40 to win. Dealin’Scott Dahlberg named UW assistant track & field and cross country coach with Fire was second and Hole Lot of Steam was third.

Race six had Currahee winning the race and paying out $6.60 to win. Prater Sixty Four was second and Artistic Venture was third.

A Toast to Brindis won the seventh race and paid $22.60. Tanquery Dash was second and Foose Dust was third.

The last race of the day was won by Shake It Country girl and paid $11.80 to win with Giorgia in second and Light up the dark in third place.

The odds were good that Sunday would provide another day of exciting racing at Wyoming Downs and they did not disappoint.

In the first race, Sheza Special Lega won and paid out $22.40. Little Amg was second and A Strawburst was third.

American Pi won the second race of the day and paid $9. Eyessa Special Cuco was second and Darlins Dynasty was third.

Tips Grayson won the third race of the day and paid $18.60. El Rey Buccaneer was second and Heat Tabby was third.

Champion Risk won the fourth race, paying $5.60. Makinabundle was second, helping a few customers add to their portfolio. Hyper Quick was third.

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