Why are so many reckless during critical time?


I am wondering why there are so many people in the Evanston area who have so little respect for themselves and others. I just came from the farmers market. There were gobs of people without masks, bunched up so tightly there was no room between them. I was in a hardware store yesterday, same thing. Of all the places I visited Wednesday, only Walmart was somewhat safe.

I know many people do not believe the pandemic is real despite the 153,000-plus deaths in the U.S. People like former presidential candidate Herman Cain, who attended Trump’s Tulsa rally where there were few masks and no social distancing, died of the virus.

I have heard the argument that having to wear a mask infringes on a person’s rights. Does your right to go maskless supersede my right not to die because you transmitted the disease? How many is it your right to infect?

So many have this image of macho that wearing a mask would sissify them. No, it just makes you look dumb not to wear one.

I remember when polio was a pandemic. I knew kids who got polio and had to wear braces on their legs so they could walk. I didn’t know any who ended up in an iron lung but there were a lot. Thankfully a vaccine was developed, and my mother took us all down to the public health building to get our shot, then an oral booster and possibly another booster. I am not sure, that was a long time ago and I was very young. I can’t really recall how many long bus trips to downtown Toledo.

Ranchers in the area know how devastating disease can be to a herd. Well, the human herd is having one of those moments where this virus can wipe out a good portion of us. It only makes sense to cut the diseased out for quarantine and isolate the others to ensure they have not contracted it, too.

Uinta County has had quite a few cases and our first death. How many more will we tolerate before we do something about it? We want our schools to open. We want our businesses to be fully open, but we don’t seem to want to do the work to make it happen. What is wrong with us?

Why do we become so stupid when it comes to people? It is a matter of safety, courtesy, consideration and thoughtfulness. My momma didn’t raise any discourteous children; did yours?

Larissa Sneider



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