What is your freedom worth?


Veterans, beware of the road to financial tyranny of our state government and county government officials about taxing beyond the means of our veteran citizens who are on a fixed income, disabled, elderly, poor and single families with children.

The over-taxing would put in harm’s way our families’ homes and our values and risk losing our citizens’ way of living.

The government control is 1) they exaggerate their mandate to govern; 2) they turn the public against journalists and media outlets that criticize them; 3) they repeatedly lie to the public; 4) they blame economic stress on immigrants, other races or people of differing religions; 5) they attack the motives of anyone who opposes them, including judges; and 6) they appoint family members to high positions of authority.

These are just some of what elected officials, both statewide and countywide, can do.

Veterans, we need to stand up for the families that need our assistance and protect our freedoms — freedoms that we served to protect from tyranny by our own government.

Citizens of our state and county, support our veterans and help those in need.

As Americans, stand up and be counted to support the family and our nation.

Don’t let our state of Wyoming or Uinta County become a socialist government, and watch our officials to make sure they live by the law, for they are not above it.

The choice is yours to make. Stand up for your freedom or be a slave to socialism. When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

A veteran has seen what socialism in government can do, and that is destroy the family and nation. What is your freedom worth? As a veteran, I think we must help one another and not take freedom for granted.

Again, the choice is for you to decide your future.

Robert Davis



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