WGFD needs hunter education instructors

Each year Wyoming Game and Fish holds hunter education classes throughout the state covering subjects such as basic hunting techniques, wildlife identification, muzzle loading and bow hunting, firearm safety, marksmanship, how to care for their game and survival and hypothermia. 

Wyoming Game and Fish is currently looking for instructors to teach Wyoming hunter education in Evanston. The WGFD certifies about 5,000 students each year.

“We’ve had some interest in Uinta County but so far no one has come through,” said Lucy Diggins-Wold of Wyoming Game and Fish. “We can’t run this program without volunteers like Lori Finney and Skeeter Crompton from Evanston”

Intructors do get paid $10 per student, so there is a little compensation. 

“There are only two instructors in Evanston,” Diggins-Wold said, “we need more so the burden does not fall on just two people. Even if folks only did one class a year, it would help.”

To be an instructor requires having a hunter safety card from any state and a working knowledge of hunting. It also requires a desire to instruct children. Instructors must attend a full, traditional class and mentor with an instructor. They must submit a volunteer application form for a background check and attend an instructor academy within two years of their certification WGFD pays for meals and lodging. 

If you are interested in instructing young people how to be better and safer hunters, contact Lucy Diggins-World at 875-3225, extension 18607. 


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