We made people billionaires; now they need to pay their taxes


While watching the news and listening to some members of congress lamenting over the possibility of raising taxes on billionaires and large corporations, I had to chuckle to myself. “Billionaires create jobs and raising taxes on them will cause them to stop creating jobs,” they said.

I call bullcrap on that idea. Think about it, who really creates jobs? WE do! WE buy the goods and services of everyone selling them — if WE don’t buy them NO ONE makes any money. Now, here’s the kicker, not only do we pay for the goods, we also pay all of the taxes to provide all of the infrastructure needed for any business to operate.

WE pay for all of the roads to be built and maintained and for law enforcement to keep people safe. WE also pay for new airports to be built and maintained and for security and air traffic controllers. WE pay for all of the sewer and water lines up to the property lines of every business. In a nutshell, we pay taxes to pay for all of these services and many, many more — way too many for me to list here (and not to mention to pay for our military).

Small business creates many jobs, lots in our community. Small business pays taxes to help provide for roadways, walkways, law enforcement, etc. Why does anyone believe that corporate America should be given tax breaks? Does anyone really believe that Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk would quit expanding if they had to pay taxes? I think not!

There should be NO tax breaks for billionaires! We, all of us, made these billionaires, and it’s about time they start paying their fair share!

Colleen Kunz

Bear River


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