Volleyball to open conference play

Red Devil volleyball has participated in three tournaments. Call them preseason tourneys, if you will, in the Cokeville tourney to open the season, as usual, hosting the inaugural Border Wars event and most recently, traveling to Star Valley for the third tournament outing.

All games matchups count, of course, and Evanston is in them to win them, but the preseason competitions give time to experiment with line-up shifts and changes, to implement new strategies on both sides of the net and to further develop team chemistry and jell.

Red Devil volleyball now embarks on the games that truly matter, in terms of standings and seedings in conference play. Evanston will play at Kelly Walsh in Casper this Friday and will tangle with the Lady Tigers in Rock Springs on the return trip on Saturday.

Yes, these are 4A Conference games, but they are not as crucial as the 4A Southwest Conference clashes Evanston will take part in as the season progresses.

The 4A classification has been divided into four quadrants for the 2018 season and the sets which will be the most pivotal will be those against the likes of Star Valley, Green River and Jackson, the three schools comprising the 4A Southwest quadrant with Evanston.

Kelly Walsh and Rock Springs are members of the 4A Northwest Conference this season, with some swapping to take place in years to come. 

While all conference games count toward the overall standings, winning the sub-conference or quadrant, will have the most bearing on seeding for the regional tournaments, if the Herald understands this new alignment correctly.

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