Vicki Karen Rosser

Vicki Karen Rosser passed from this world into the arms of Jesus on March 2, 2021. Vicki was born on Sept. 15, 1944, in Rock Springs, to Henry and Ella Rosser. Vicki has seven children she loved dearly and worked hard at terrorizing when she thought they needed discipline, which included punching in the butt and using her pointy-toed cowboy boot to drop them.

At family gatherings, there are many stories told about her driving skills (skidding through barbed-wire fences or sliding off the interstate because she was driving too fast for conditions or having her side mirrors knocked off by a semi when she went around on the wrong side) to how and why her children received the discipline she thought they deserved.

Before she got so sick, she loved being in the wilderness in the summer, bowling, driving to visit family and spending time with her family and dear friends doing anything. She was stubborn to the core and wanted things her way, which she got most of the time, especially at the end of her life. We gave up arguing with her because it just did not do any good.

Her lifelong best friend was Joyce Roper and the two spent many days plotting the demise of something. They were inseparable when they were young. She loved Joyce like a family member, and whenever she needed anything, Joyce was always there.

Her family would like to thank her caregiver, Isabel. She was especially kind to Vicki in her last years, and Vicki loved her. Vicki would always tell her that she couldn’t go on vacation or quit until she was gone because she needed her.

She did not want a funeral service but did want to have a celebration of life, which will be held later in the summer as she requested. When we think of her, we will laugh and have stories to tell each other about some crazy thing she had done. Her family is going to miss her so much every single day as we try not to shed tears because she is with Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior.


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