Uinta County Democratic Convention scheduled for March 23

EVANSTON — The 2018 Uinta County Democratic Convention will be held at 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 24, at the Uinta County Library Bridger-Carter Room in Evanston.

All registered Uinta County Democrats are invited to attend to participate in adopting the party platform, considering resolutions and selecting delegates to attend the Wyoming State Convention. Individuals must be registered as Democrats with the Uinta County Clerk’s office a minimum of 15 days prior to the convention. 

Local Democrats have passed multiple resolutions in recent months. The first calls for the local party to shop locally and purchase union-made goods whenever possible. Local officials said the Uinta County Democrats were largely behind the recent decision for the statewide Democratic Party to launch a Labor Caucus. Three of the four officers of that caucus are from the Bridger Valley. 

Another resolution focused on public lands, with Uinta County Democrats stating they are against any efforts to transfer ownership of federal lands to the state. Party officials said they believe transfer of ownership would ultimately result in the sale of public lands to other interests, thereby restricting or eliminating public access for other usage, including grazing and recreation of all forms. 

Concerns about healthcare within the state resulted in passage of another resolution, said county officials. This resolution calls for state lawmakers to work to ensure access to affordable health care for all citizens of Wyoming. Party members said they believe a healthy state population and workforce necessitate affordable and accessible healthcare. 

Party members also said they were concerned about so-called “religious liberty” bills that they believe are attempts to codify discrimination toward specific minority groups. These concerns prompted the adoption of a resolution calling on the state legislature to work toward the benefit of all residents of the state and abandon efforts to pass legislation that interferes with the private lives of Wyoming citizens. 

The final resolution passed by local Democrats called on members of the Wyoming Legislature to address the fiscal difficulties faced in the state by considering changes to the revenue stream in addition to any proposed spending cuts. 

Party officials said they were concerned that cuts have already begun to hurt Wyoming families and any additional cuts would be detrimental and irresponsible without considering restructuring of statewide sources of revenue. 

County party officers said they believe fiscal responsibility is desirable; however, they believe members of the Wyoming Legislature have failed to take steps to diversify the economy, make use of the Legislative Stabilization Reserve Account and address the problem in ways that minimize harm to Wyoming families. 

Resolutions that are being considered in other Wyoming counties, and that may be considered at the upcoming convention include those dealing with the issue of superdelegates potentially altering the will of the voters in national elections. 

Local registered Democrats who would like to discuss these and other issues are encouraged to attend the convention. Anyone with questions can reach local party officials through the Uinta County Democrats Facebook page or by calling (307) 677-0122.

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