The seniors deserve better

According to the dictionary, “yellow journalism” can be defined as journalism that is based upon sensationalism and crude exaggeration but there is nothing sensational or exaggerated about the state of the Senior Center.

Unfortunately, the Senior Center has a history of mismanagement which appeared to continue up until a new board was appointed last Thursday, Dec. 8. The seniors of Evanston deserve better and that’s why we reported the story.

We were contacted by seniors and staff stating problems back in August which we reported on at the time. More recently seniors and staff reached out to us again at the end of October prompting us to investigate the alleged mismanagement of the Senior Center. Our reporter interviewed multiple people and only three out of five board members returned our calls.

We received board minutes from Executive Director Aimee Ottley for the months of December 2021 through March 2022. Based on multiple sources, including board members, there were no board meetings from March thorugh August. We did not receive minutes for August until after they were given to Sen. Wendy Schuler by Ottley, after Schuler was appointed to the board of directors.

We at the Herald have a very limited staff and typically don’t do deep dive investigative stories. The Senior Center turmoil deserves to be shared with our readers.

We agree with Mr. Davis that now that the Senior Center has a functioning board the Senior Center can move forward in a more positive manner. There has to be some accountability for the center and its patrons. We believe that lies with the staff, the director, the board and ultimately the board chair. There have been too many rocky times for the center. What’s needed now is stability.

Uinta County Herald