The other side of the story

Dear Editor,

As the former Chair of the Uinta County Senior Center,  I am concerned with the misinformation that has been presented in your article on the center, and I sent a letter to the Editor to have the misinformation corrected.  I am wondering why my letter was not published and with only one side of the story being told it really comes across as “yellow journalism”.  We have some problems that are being rectified, but your writer has not been interested in writing about any of the solutions that have been made by the staff and the board.  She has not interviewed anyone that might have a positive outlook on the changes being made, and there are always TWO sides of the story.

 The new board members have been working tirelessly in the short time they were put in to help make some progress with our issues.  Our new board chair, Mike Davis, is leading the way to help us take on any deficiencies that need to be rectified.  Now that a functioning board is in place, and they are taking letters of interest from seniors and others that might be interested, the board will be expanded. 

Just a few weeks ago, there were only two board members and an Executive Director and Director of Nursing/Compliance Officer who were BOTH working remotely.  That is the crux of the situation in a nutshell.  It makes it difficult for decisions that need to be made by staff and nurses with two staff members who are not on-site. 

Other examples of misinformation was that our 990 forms were not filed.  We have sent that information to the board and they forwarded that to your reporter.  Your reporter also said there had been NO board meetings for months and we also sent the updated information to your writer. The past board made the decision to let the Executive Director work remotely for a time even though your reporter stated that I had made the sole decision. Will there be retractions by the Uinta County Herald when there is erroneous information that has been presented to the public? 

  I was also misquoted by Dave St. Priest and DID NOT say that we didn›t need more staff.  Now that we have a functioning board we can move forward with potential staffing issues, but when the past board members left, there was not the potential to make decisions until a board of five minimum members was in place.  I would hope that my letter and/or my email will be printed so that the public will know “the other side of the story”.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply.


Casey Davis

Board Member