Students ‘munch’ their way through Wyoming history

The University of Wyoming Uinta County Extension recently partnered with fourth grade classes at North Elementary as a means to learn about history and health jointly.

The Munching Through Wyoming History program follows five distinct groups of people that made significant contributions to the history and settlement of Wyoming.

Over the course of the program, youth were able to learn about American Indians, mountain men, pioneers, cowboys and railroad workers. While sampling what these groups ate, they compared our present day MyPlate to the diets of people in the past.

Also, the students were introduced to the connection between food choices, physical activity, cultural diversity and health by exploring past cultures of Wyoming history.

The classes were taught jointly by Cent$ible Nutrition Educator Beth Barker and 4-H/Youth Educator Dawn Sanchez. 

For more information about this program or other Extension programs, call (307) 783-0570. The Uinta County Extension Program is the linking arm of the University of Wyoming.