Staley: We shall overcome


Do you wake up and worry about our country? What happened to common sense in decision making?

We think wind power is better than oil or gas — yet, they want to stuff the “worn-out blades” down our coal shafts — material that will remain! How fun, should we need to activate those mines to retrieve the coal!

Why do we feel the need to clean up their mess and jeopardize the coal mines? I’m not against wind power — just the after-effects.

My previous husband, a drilling foreman, never feared OSHA when they were on site because they were doing their jobs to maintain the integrity of the land and leave little awareness we had been there.

Due to Barrasso’s and Trump’s encouragement, our uranium could be a blessing to Wyoming. Facilities are still available that were closed years ago. Wyoming has more uranium than most. If we open, new jobs will be available, along with revenue to the state.

I’m grateful Evanston voted the bond down for the athletic center. It would be utilized, but not as essential as our teaching staff, athletic and student activities.

Our students in the past have been “very successful” — we must maintain those standards to develop well-diversified people.

I was saddened our newly-elected representative, Bob Wharff, felt compelled to make severe cuts to our educational system. We didn’t see that coming, but surely our governor was seeing the financial concerns long before, and failed to postpone expensive projects that jeopardized the entire state.

We advertise low property taxes and zero taxes on groceries, yet many are coming to purchase food and returning to their own state and spending their other income or buying a second home for low taxes as compared to paying their own high taxes in their state. They are benefiting at our communities’ expense. Many of our own businesses get a tax break, then deposit money in local banks and transfer to their own state bank the next morning — they call it a wash. Our banks do not benefit from this money made because it’s unavailable to them. It costs money to have their money.

We again have agreed to build a building for a new business coming in — yet, if they leave, we still have the burden of a big loan on their building. Sound familiar?

When we vote, it must be for our community’s best interest and to maintain our political convictions. We must search for the truth and follow reputable news broadcasts. Wyoming gave women the right to vote long before others. Let us be smart, informed and know the people we choose who will be making our decisions.

God bless America — we shall overcome.

After all, we are the people of Wyoming.

Susan Miller Staley



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