Ronald Lee Hollingshead

Ronald Lee Hollingshead, 77, of Parker, Colorado, passed away on Dec. 21, 2021, while in his sleep. He will never be replaced, and will always will be loved and remembered by us all.

Ronald was born on July 21, 1944 to Lee and Alta Hollingshead in Coalville, Utah. After Ron completed a Bachelor of Science Degree from Utah State University, he later went to receive a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Denver in 1981. Ronald began his career working for the Union Pacific Railroad, and later left the railroad for a law enforcement career in drug enforcement.

In 1969, Ronald became an agent with the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, and in 1973 became a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Ronald found fulfilment in law enforcement but much of that fulfilment came from the love and time spent with his coworkers.

During Ronald’s tenure as a DEA agent, he worked as a conspiracy expert, training coordinator, demand reduction coordinator, Denver DO recruiter, public information officer and other specialized positions. After retiring from the DEA in 2000, Ronald became a field intelligence officer for the United States Department of Justice, National Drug Intelligence Center, where he retired for the second time in 2011.

After his second retirement, Ronald pursued the collection and production of art. During this pursuit, he reembraced his childhood love for leatherwork, where he found that he could give great pleasure to all those that he came in contact with. Ron’s final years were spent perfecting his craft and reaching the families of those who loved him and appreciated his artwork.

Ronald met his second wife, Margery Jeanne Raymond, in 1996, and she was the love of his life. They were married in Durango, Colorado, in 2004. They remained married until he passed on Dec. 21, 2021.

Ronald was predeceased by his daughter, Brooke Olson.

He was survived by spouse, Margery Hollingshead; and his former wife, Janet Morgan, and their children: Heather Schneider, Rodney Hollingshead, Kade Hollingshead and Jaime Webb; stepchildren, Jimmy Tate, Tyler Jimenez, and Michael Clark (aka adopted son); grandchildren, Madison Wilcox, McKinley Moye, Berklee Schneider, Brockton Schneider, Chandlyr Schneider, Maison Tolle, Bowen Tolle, Hyatt Tolle, Porter Webb, Emersynn Webb, Bentleigh Webb, Gavin Tate, James Tate, Shawn Clark and Hope Clark; Ron’s sister, Maurine Tanner; and brother, Doug Hollingshead.


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