Rainy summer causes paving delays for city

Evanston Director of Engineering and Planning Dean Barker explains that the rainy summer delayed city paving projects. (HERALD PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt)

EVANSTON — The Evanston City Council meeting held Tuesday, Aug. 1, focused on resolutions brought by Evanston Director of Engineering and Planning Dean Barker, along with a limited malt beverage permit request for the VFW softball tournament.

Councilmembers Jesse Lind and Tim Lynch had both been excused from the meeting. A third resolution was added to the agenda as requested by Barker.

The first resolution submitted by Barker was for authorization of an easement purchase agreement and easement agreement with QWEST Corporation dba Century Link QC.

“Several years ago, QWEST constructed a communication line on city property without first getting approval from the city,” Barker said. “They have now purchased an easement from us for $1,213.64 for that communication line.”

The city council unanimously approved the easement purchase agreement.

The second resolution requested by Barker was for a service agreement addendum with iWorQ to provide the city with software services for the public works department.

“iWorQ is offering additional services that will allow us to interact our GIS mapping with the county mapping on a monthly basis,” Barker said. “We will be able to generate property information and allow us to create template letters and send them out to property owners easily.”

Barker explained that notifications can be sent from GIS map inside iWorQ. The new contract is for three years and the city has used their service for the last five years. The cost will increase from $7,000 annually to $9,250 annually.

The council unanimously approved the contract with iWorQ for expanded services to the public works department.

The last resolution Barker asked to be added to the agenda concerned an agreement with Consolidated Paving & Concrete. The contract needed to be approved at last week’s meeting because the company wants to begin work on Aug. 14, before the regular council meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 15.

“We hope the public will understand,” Barker said, “because of a rainy early summer, our pavement projects have been pushed back. Work may continue into the beginning of the school year.”

The council unanimously approved the agreement.

A limited malt beverage permit was approved by the council for the annual VFW softball tournament, scheduled for Friday-Sunday, Aug. 18-20, as requested by Gabriela Blevins.

Councilmember Mike Sellers complimented the Blevins’on their successful fundraising softball tournaments and thanked them for their contribution to the community.

During department head comments, Evanston Parks and Recreation Director Kim Larson thanked the Public Works department for help with a drain problem.

Evanston Public Works Director Gordon Robinson addressed the council and praised wastewater treatment employee Daniel Sowers, who had just passed Level 4 certification.

City Attorney Mark Harris told the council that the city court is now up and running with new municipal judge Dean Stout.