P&Z chair Thompson: I feel attacked


I feel that I need to address a matter that I should have cleared up in my letter to the paper last week. The information I received about both the shed and the snow removal at Tom’s HVAC was told to me AFTER the planning and zoning meeting when the vote was taken that ended up in Dominion’s favor.

In addition, the city attorney did not feel that Mr. Ridenour should be recused from the voting and yet it is being put all on my shoulders.

As far as Mr. Glathar’s comment in the Sept. 20 paper claiming that I was not quoted in the previous weeks paper but paraphrased — and I repeat this was in the paper, word for word, “Maryl Thompson (without being sworn in by Harris) said the commission member who owned the building would be losing money when Dominion moved out so she approved him voting” when if you read my previous weeks letter you will see I said nothing like that.

I have to question just how much of what we read in the Herald, believing to be actual quotes are truly a reporters’ own interpretations/paraphrases of what was actually said. Should it not be stated that way in the Herald, that what appears to be a quote should be identified as being paraphrased?

Furthermore, Mr. Glathar, is there a reason you have attacked me the way that you have? Sir, just because you do not agree with decisions that have been made, your personal attack seems somewhat extreme.

Maybe before things are assumed, your reporters could ask more questions of all the parties involved.

Maryl Thompson