Private well owners must pre-register by June 7 for discounted water testing

If you are a private well owner, you probably use groundwater for doing your family’s laundry, drinking, cooking, bathing and watering your garden. Most private wells provide a clean, safe supply of water; however, contaminants can pollute private wells and, unfortunately, you cannot see, smell or taste most of them.

EPA regulations that protect public drinking water systems do not apply to privately-owned wells.  As a result, owners are responsible for making sure water is safe.

The Uinta County Conservation District (UCCD) will hold its annual Well Water Testing Day on June 21; however, you must pre-register and submit payment by June 7. UCCD offers five well test options, including bacteria coliform presence/absence, annual well maintenance, family water quality, livestock suitability and irrigation suitability.

The bacteria test if free, and UCCD pays half of the cost of all other tests, plus the shipping and handling expenses. It’s a great way to get your well tested at a cost you can afford. For more information or to pre-register, contact UCCD at (307) 787-3070 or visit

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