Press release from Uinta County concerning coronavirus pandemic

Uinta County has just issued the following press release to address the coronavirus pandemic.

As it is essential that the Uinta County government continue to provide services and benefits during this COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2) pandemic crisis, effective March 18, 2020, and continuing through at least April 3, 2020, the Uinta County Clerk, Uinta County Treasurer, Uinta County Assessor, Uinta County Planning & Zoning, Uinta County Fair Office and Uinta County Human Services will conduct regular business solely through mail, email, and telephone. The Uinta County Clerk of District Court, Uinta County Public Health and Uinta County Attorney’s Office will remain open to the public but prefer a prior appointment. The Uinta County Sheriff will continue to operate in its normal fashion. Please utilize 911 wisely for emergent conditions and be aware of the burden on our first responders at this time. Please refer to each department for more specific policies and procedures. These will generally be available at and on Facebook @Uinta County, Wyoming or by the following telephone numbers:

Assessor: 307.783.0338
County Clerk: 307.783.0306
County Commissioners: 307.783.0519
Treasurer: 307.783.0333
County Attorney: 307.783.0550
Clerk of District Court: 307.783.0456
Human Services: 307.789.7194
Sheriff’s Office: 307.783.1000
Planning and Zoning: 307.783.0318
Fair Office: 307.783.0313
Public Health: 307.789.9203

For information about COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), please dial 211.