Portland protesters deserve what they’re getting


I am tired of listening to the lies being told by the left. In Mel Gurtov’s column in last Friday’s Herald, he claims that “Federal troops in camouflage, without identification, heavily armed, uncommunicative, roving in unmarked cars seizing and incarcerating peaceful protestors without charging them.” 

I just finished watching a press conference where acting U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan gives an explanation of every marking on the uniforms of the federal agents. You can clearly see that there are at least five different identification features on their uniforms.

Gurtov refers to the protestors as “peaceful.” Nothing could be further from the truth. I do not consider burning property and attacking police as peaceful. These protesters are, in reality, anarchists. They have been doing this in Portland every night for the past 50 days. Nothing about what they are doing would be considered peaceful. When federal officers arrest them (as they deserve to be arrested), the agents do tell them why.

Gurtov goes on to quote what he calls “prominent senators.” Every senator he quoted is a liberal who hates our president. 

It is time to start calling out these people on their lies.

Dave Epperson



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