Parks and Rec urges safety on open water

The Evanston Parks and Recreation District would like to remind all members of the public to practice water safety this summer season.  

The district highly recommends wearing a lifejacket at all times for all activities on or near open water, including the Bear Ice Ponds, the Bear River and Sulphur Creek Reservoir. Activities where a lifejacket should be worn include fishing, playing in or near the water, swimming, boating, rafting or tubing.  

The district would also like to remind the public that swimming is not recommended in the Ice Ponds. There is no lifeguard on duty at the Ice Ponds, and those who are swimming in the water do so at their own risk. The public should be aware that there are underwater hazards in the Ice Ponds, including the pumping mechanisms for the water fountains. There should be no boating or swimming near the water fountains. Only non-motorized boats are allowed on the Ice Ponds, and all passengers must wear lifejackets.

Lifejackets and adult supervision for all activities in or near the Bear River are also highly recommended. Parents and children should be cautious of swift currents.

On Sulphur Creek Reservoir, Wyoming boat regulations require lifejackets for all persons on motorized watercraft.

To help youth improve their swimming skills and water safety awareness, swimming lessons are offered throughout the year at the Evanston Recreation Center.


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