Original boilers replaced in historic building

The original boilers in Evanston’s Old Post Office building are in the process of being removed. Rick Sather, owner of the building, said the old boilers, which are the same design as those used in old steam locomotives, had been in place since the building was constructed in the early 1900s. The boilers, weighing several thousand pounds, were so large it was necessary to put them in place first and then construct the rest of the post office building around them prior to its dedication in 1905, and it took two men working to shovel the coal necessary to keep them fired. Sather said the original boilers finally gave out a few years ago and he had them replaced to maintain heat in the building. The old ones remained in place until a couple of weeks ago, when Sather found someone willing and able to dismantle and remove them. (HERALD PHOTOS/Sheila McGuire)

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