New traffic lights a wonderful addition!


I have resided in Evanston for many years. Our new stoplights adjoining Hwy. 150 and Front Street are wonderful. Thank you to the engineers and local administration. I am grateful for all individuals responsible for this fabulous addition. Finally, we can leave our homes for beautiful weather!

Visitors from near and far have always enjoyed camping in the Uinta Mountains. Certainly, many of us feel this safety addition gives us comfort. I speak for all local people whom you may not hear from. There is a peace and calm feeling in our little town of Evanston.

Evanston is close in proximity to Utah. Our town has limitations in retail. I enjoy our tiny patch of heaven. I travel Hwy. 150 frequently. Our summer visitors bring additional commerce.

We welcome everyone! Be safe; be kind. Many people are not in a rush. The necessity to keep your hand on your horn is obviously missing. We like that!

Patricia Bluemel